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    Producing: Do you turn off your powered speakers and unplug your USB devices after each session?

    Awesome.. thanks everyone for the replies. Happy New Year!
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    Producing: Do you turn off your powered speakers and unplug your USB devices after each session?

    Hi all, Kind of an odd question but one on my mind. I recently built a home production area (PC, DAW, audio interface, powered monitors, 2 midi devices). It could be my OCD, but I've been turning off each monitor and unplugging the midi devices, otherwise all the flashing lights stay on, even...
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    What is your "value" guitar?

    Squire Bullet Telecaster that I dressed up the fretboard/frets on and plays and sounds pretty decent for $130.
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    Anyone experienced a big reversal of opinion on a guitar type?

    Never got the telecaster thing for 20 years. Haven't got any new gear in a long time as I was on a hiatus from guitar. Wanted to get something to respark my interest and picked up a tele. Love it. WAY more versatile than I ever would have given it credit for..
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    Need help deciding: Arturia Pigments or Prophet?

    Pigments has a ton in it and when on sale can be had for super cheap. I think I got it for like $90 last year on sale. It's like with Ableton, if you wait for the one/two time a year sales, you save like 25%-50% and is worth the wait.
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    Can finishing a fretted fretboard case fret pop?

    Picked up a project guitar and the all maple neck needs some work. It's new but a budget guitar. Plans are to do a fret level, crown, buff as well as clean up all the fret ends. The neck itself feels like raw wood with maybe one coat of something on it. If I wanted to finish the neck with...
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    My new couch workstation

    Surprisingly, it gets used.
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    My new couch workstation

    It's not the first time I've disappointed someone. Won't be the last either.
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    My new couch workstation

    Took the holiday to do some winter clean-up projects. One was to get rid of an old couch in the basement (aka my office and man cave). I didn't want to carry that thing out and take to one of the disposal spots they do every so many months, so I decided to break it up and just set out a few...
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    Questions about Noob Amp modeling Setup (Line 6 Pod Go etc.)

    Yes, the 100 watt head has a 5" speaker in the front left corner (as you are facing it) that points straight out at you. Second bullet point under "Main Features". Using headphones sounds just like without, really good IMO. Tip: Through...
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    Questions about Noob Amp modeling Setup (Line 6 Pod Go etc.)

    As constant intermediate at-home only player for enjoyment I'll offer this advice. If you need to play through headphones, get something Bluetooth compatible. There is nothing worse than trying to play with a big cord hooked to your head. I prefer to play at lower volumes even if it doesn't...
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    I quit trying last night... (telecaster content)

    Funny I was just going to post a thread with the question "Have you tried telecasters and just realized they weren't for you?". Good thread, thanks! While I've never owned one, I've played a few and they didn't do anything for me, at least the more rock oriented type of music I prefer to play...
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    Katana Head to Powered Speaker Cab?

    OK, here is what works with this specific Tech21 Power Engine, again, with only one input (1/4"). Going Amp -> Line Out -> PE60 Input = Did not work Going Amp -> Stereo Expand (On) -> Stereo Line Out -> PE60 Input = Did work (Full power to PE60 only - Loud!) Going Amp -> Stereo Expand (Off)...
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    Katana Head to Powered Speaker Cab?

    I'll have to test this, but I think I may need to also put a 1/4 cable or headphone converter into the amps extension cabinet plug to turn the small 5" speaker off. Trick it into thinking I'm plugged into a cabinet.