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    Peavey ValveKing II series

    Anyone else kinda wish they'd bring the Royal 8 back to the series?
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    Heh...yeah. My schematic. Another question on this....are the two .005mfd caps off the A/C in lines to ground really necessary? Or do they pretty much amount to a double death cap?
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    Impedance transformer...HELP!!

    Apologies. Been really busy with lots of projects and divorce proceedings. I hooked it up to a multimeter and it gave no readout. So I'm guessing its dead.
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    Small amp for recording

    Both of these are pretty much discontinued so far as I know. Fender brought back the 600 in a limited edition all-blonde tolex for a bit there, but I think even that's run out. You can find them used though. My recommendations: Epiphone Valve Junior (used), Ibanez TSA5TVR, VHT Special 6...
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    1990's Fender Super

    Nope. The Emi's were in the first run of the Pro Jr and the pre-LTD Bassman reissues. These were EV's. http://ampwares.com/amplifiers/fender-super-pro-tube/
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    1990's Fender Super

    EV blue alnicos!!!! *drool*
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    A funny for ya....

    Caught this on Facebook...reportedly found on the back of a '74 Mesa Boogie Mk I. :-)
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    Tweed Bassman Speaker Suggestions?

    The blue frame Emi alnicos are getting harder and harder to come by. These also came in the original run of the Pro Jr. IIRC. A more efficient and modern alternative would be some Eminence Legend 1028K's.
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    Marshall C5 vs Blackheart Little Giant?

    Can anyone give a comparison between these two similar class amps in terms of tone, volume, & quality?
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    Looking for a budget ES175 style. suggestions?

    I've heard a local jazz picker make some fine tones with a Luna Athena. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search?sB=r&Ntt=luna+athena
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    Looking for a budget ES175 style. suggestions?

    Maybe one of the new Fender Coronados?
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    New production Danelectros and Silvertones...

    Odd....Randy doesn't have an entry for the 1478 on his page. Silvertone Classic site says it was introduced in '63, but Randy doesn't have anything on it... http://www.silvertoneworld.net/electric_60s.html http://www.silvertoneworld.net/electric_60s_2.html
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    New production Danelectros and Silvertones...

    I have a confession....I'm a nut for the old budget brands of the 60's. Lately I've been wondering about the new production Dano's, as well as the new reissue Silvertones from Samick. A few models have really piqued my interest. The Dano's have pretty good reviews on MF, but since I don't have a...
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    Impedance transformer...HELP!!

    I'm trying to wire this little impedance transformer into a circuit to take a hi-Z signal and convert it to a low-Z input. It should go from 50K ohms to about 500 ohms. I pulled it out of an old Archer brand inline adapter that went from XLR female to 1/4" male. But I can't remember how it was...
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    Rola alnico

    Here's the coding. I've been reading mixed info on it. Could handle the power... might not.
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