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  1. hazmat33

    What Are Some Pedals That Sound Like A Red Llama ?

    BMF Purple Nurple is close to the RL tone
  2. hazmat33

    Fave Rat Poll

    Fuzzrocious Cat Tail
  3. hazmat33

    Rat pedal questions

    A rat (or clone) is my favorite bass drive. I’m currently going back and forth between a FUZZROCIOUS Cat King and the new EQD LifePedal. Boosting either w a BLACK ARTS TONEWORKS Black Forest. yummy!
  4. hazmat33

    EQD and Sunn O))): LifePedal

    I’m still enjoying this pedal on bass. I have it set for low gain and put a BAT Black Forest in front of it to kick into high gain.
  5. hazmat33

    Anyone Own Celebrity or Rockstar Owned/Played Instruments?

    I have a Way Huge Havalina previously owned by Rich Robinson. Pretty sure it was used on the “Before the Frost...” sessions. Got it during his Reverb.com sale. Gene Simmons pick caught during ASYLUM tour Scott Ian & Danny Spitz picks (Anthrax) caught in Cleveland, not sure year 1x15 cab that...
  6. hazmat33

    EQD and Sunn O))): LifePedal

    I’m using it on bass in a noise rock band...nowhere near doom. Although, I have played in doom bands and still listen to that genre occasionally. here’s the text I sent a buddy that asked me about it: So the EQD LifePedal will be getting Velcro and prob become my #1 bass drive, replacing the...
  7. hazmat33

    EQD and Sunn O))): LifePedal

    I’m curious if the boost is just their Black Eye boost? also, just thinking out loud here, I’m curious how just the boost will sound pushing my current rat variant, CAT KING.
  8. hazmat33

    EQD and Sunn O))): LifePedal

    Sounds cool on bass, as well. I need to get to my studio to compare it against the FUZZROCIOUS Cat King that I’m currently using. I’ll report back ASAP.
  9. hazmat33

    something that will keep a pedal's switch from depressing?

    I use one of the thin velcro style wraps that came free w a cable I bought. I wrapped it around tight under the “cap” of the foot switch. Fits perfect and easily removable. I never want my BAT Pharaoh to shut off! EVER!!!
  10. hazmat33

    Getting an 'Atmospheric Post-Metal' Sound

    On the less expensive end you can look into the DOD BONESHAKER for versatility, it can be your main OD or dial back the drive and set it to boost your Orange’s OD. I also love the Boss RE-20 and RV-3
  11. hazmat33

    Sold Mesa Boogie M3 Carbine rackmount head (Reverb.com)

    https://reverb.com/item/24525995-mesa-boogie-m3-carbine-rackmount-head-2010-black Mesa/Boogie M3 Carbine 300watt bass head in good condition with plenty of surface scratches but works perfectly. Simple controls and a very loud 300 watts. see pics on REVERB link above for details of condition...
  12. hazmat33

    Generic Keyboard for EHX Synth 9

    Look for a monosynth. I picked up a used Arturia Microbrute for this sort of purpose. I’ve ran it thru numerous guitar pedals with great results. There might be some YouTube vids of it going through the Synth 9. Fair warning...the cost might be more than you want to spend, and it may lead to...
  13. hazmat33

    Which reverse delay for that boomerang+ tone?

    Line 6 Echo Park. I have a Boomerang+ and wanted the reverse function in a stand alone unit. The line 6 was the best I found at an affordable price that can do 100% wet reverse.
  14. hazmat33

    Black Friday Steals!

    Covenant Cables has 35% off w BLACKFRIDAY. The only deal I bit on. Figured I would tighten/quiet my rig.
  15. hazmat33

    What guitar will you never get rid of/sell?

    I have 2: A ‘01 USA Strat my wife bought me when we were dating. A ‘07 PRS CU24 that has the same “born on date” as my daughter. It’s really hers.
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