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    Can you stack fuzz pedals?

    I stacking 2 fuzz pedals can be great. When you get the right combination a gated circuit pops up and the rig gets really quiet and then kicks in when you play. I’m able to do this with a Sunface and Bumble Buzz combo.
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    Which pedals were instant keepers for you, no drama, no doubts?

    Fulltone Soulbender Lovetone Big Cheese
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    Joe Gagan Hotrod Clyde Ultra

    I’ll get on that tomorrow! It’s a beauty!
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    Is there a distortion or overdrive pedal that REALLY sounds like an overdriven tube amp?

    For tube pedals I like the SIB Varidrive and the Crews Maniac Sound Valve Drive. For solid state I think the Origin Effects Revival Drive, MI Audio Tube Zone, Bogner La Grange, Friedman BE-OD, Lovepedal Les Lius and HAO Sole Pressure sound like various cranked amps.
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    Has anyone here owned a Xotic bb preamp?

    Definitely compressed. Had a kinda muffled high end - that has a way of making a pedal sound even more compressed to my ears. One of those pedals where all the treble end sounds like it’s covered in plastic wrap.
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    EarthQuaker Devices ... do you like them and what are your favorites?

    The Tusk may be the first EQD pedal I got. Nice fuzz. Little bit of hiss so it’s on the shelf mostly. Cool enough to keep among the fuzz pedals I’ve collected. I got a White Light Overdrive and have had it for a while because it’s pretty unique among overdrives. I had a Hoof and it wound up in...
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    Joe Gagan Hotrod Clyde Ultra

    I have an old Joe Gragan/Nine Volt Nirvana Dinosaur Fuzz that is so great. Really underrated box. And we were in Albuquerque last July! Would have been cool to pick up a pedal from him while on vacation, if that was even an option.
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    What pedal for that early Malcolm Young crunch?

    I think the Bogner La Grange can get those tones, depending on the rest of your rig to a certain point. Really great versatile pedal.
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    MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive and the inherent compression

    One of the reasons I moved that pedal along. I know people love it but I couldn’t get what I wanted out of it. The Friedman BE-OD and the old MI Audio Tube Zone give me a more convincing high gain amp tone.
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    PlimSoul mkII

    Feeling very gassy about this...
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    Katzenkönig, who got one?

    Hiss and hum are deal killers for me. A certain level is expected but if it has me thinking about how to “fix” it, that pedal is out the door. Excessive hiss is something the builder should have worked out.
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    Archer vs other klones question

    I’m with you. Got the Archer Ikon, partially because of videos and the video maker’s thoughts on the Ikon vs other klones, and because the J Rocket guys made the actual Klon KTR pedals for a while so they should know a thing or two about the circuit. I think the Ikon probably sounds like some...
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    Colorsound Supa Tone Bender - Variations?

    I would have kept a unit like yours for sure! The Hackett model added bass and it was too much for me. The sick thing is, I got the Steve Hackett model for $50 from a guy I traded with back in the 1990s. He threw the price out at a guitar show and I jumped on it. I hope JHS will do this pedal in...
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