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    Which amps get your pedalboards?

    Boogie Mark IV combo into a solid pine 4x12. I also have a Roland JC-120 and an ADA Rocket A10 combo hooked up to a Fender ‘63 Reissue Reverb unit but I don’t use them much.
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    Tuner after Fuzz as a buffer?

    I got the Ernie Ball volume pedal/tuner and run it after fuzz and engage the buffered loop with a little jumper cable. Sounds great and I can roll back the volume of my guitar-rolled-back-into-fuzz-face sound. I need to get good cables going from effects loop to the amp and back. I think I have...
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    Pedals too pretty to sell

    Swirly paint job Rockbox Boiling Point and Red Dog pedals are like that for me. I use the Red Dog more than the BP. Magnetic Effects Midphoria pedal is kinda like that but I also use it more. Works great.
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    Looking for a dirty, fuzz-ish overdrive...

    I just ordered a Spaceman Sputnik III for this kind of tone. I really like the OD tones with the fuzz dialed down and the squelchy tones with the second foot switch engaged. Looks/sounds like a lot of fun.
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    Tell me about overdrive and distortion pedals that are not variations on a theme

    I need to dust them both off and try them again. The Catalyst is close to doing something I really want, sparkling, gritty, dynamic drive that kicks in some dirt with picking dynamics. Gonna try again. Dialing back guitar volume with a fuzz face will get me there but... you know how it is...
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    Tell me about overdrive and distortion pedals that are not variations on a theme

    Zinky True Grit, Fulltone Catalyst, Fulltone Plimsoul, NVN Dinosaur Fuzz, Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom Fuzz, Vintage Technology Toad Fuzz
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    2 channel overdrives

    I have the Bogner La Grange Fulltone Fulldrive II TR100 Zinky True Grit Mad Professor Twimble HBE Power Screamer Egnater Goldsmith Analogman KoT Pedalworx Texas Two Step Origin Effects Revival Drive Lovepedal Les Lius Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz NVN Dinosaur Fuzz (I added the last three in an edit.)...
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    What's the first boutique pedal you owned?

    One of my first and still have it! Great pedal. Tried a couple others from Lovetone and just kept the Big Cheese and Meatball.
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    Working The Volume Knob With A Volume Pedal

    The pedal called the Detox that is for cutting the signal to a distorted lead type setting in a rig down to a rhythm setting with less gain and volume. You can do the same with some boost, OD and distortion pedals but not all will do it well. The old Tube Zone does it very well. If you do wind...
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    Help me figure out what OD I played once in 1997? Impossible challenge!*

    Oh man! I’d forgotten all about that line of pedals! (I had the Vibro-Stomp. Got rid of it because of low end cut. Sounded sterile.) Those are great looking. Wonder how they’d hold up against what’s out today? I was into a whole different dirt quest back then and didn’t try them out.
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    Phaser recommendation?

    I really like the Mad Professor Tiny Orange Phaser. I have it, the Subdecay Quasar Delux V1 and a HBE Psilocybe. The TOP kinda bridges the gap between the lofi weird wave shape of the HBE and the more high fi Quasar. The TOP is closer to my old reissue Phase 90 I got rid of due to the little...
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    Pedal confessionals

    The best sounding dirt I have comes from my amp and I still have probably 60 dirt pedals. It’s my favorite part of playing guitar. Experimenting with dirt pedals. Levels, placement, stacking. It’s probably one of the biggest reasons I didn’t stop playing over the last 20 years.
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    It's RAT Week on Demos in the Dark - Let's settle this "best" RAT argument once and for all

    Wishing I hadn’t sold my Turbo Rat years ago. I got the Greer Gorilla Warfare mkII last year(?) and like it. I’m curious to see how it sounds next to the Rat. I’m going to guess it’s fatter sounding. I really like how the Rat is focused.
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    What is the smallest number of pedals you need to do (almost*) everything you do?

    Probably KOT Sun Face fuzz Empress Reverb Eventide Time Factor? If I would take time to learn how to do presets on the Empress I could leave the Eventide at home. Maybe. I’ve only recently discovered running a medium length tape style delay on about 2-3 repeats on all the time and add reverb...
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    NPD - Stone Deaf FX “Q Boost” w/ killer case candy

    I got a limited edition anniversary’s PDF pedal from them that came with cool candy and the mug was broken. They sent me a new mug to replace it. Very cool.