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  1. Heinz W

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    Were the pair you sold 13 years ago double whites? With or without covers? I know that there's always been a premium on the white bobbins. I imagine that zebras fall in between, price wise.
  2. Heinz W

    Let's have a crazy vintage pricing thread

    How about a pair of double white '59 PAFs? Only $18,000. Are these legit, PAF experts? Even if they are, 9k for a single pickup is nuts. Last I saw, a pair of PAFs were 4-6k, though that was a few years ago. https://reverb.com/item/48700898-gibson-paf-pickups-1959-white
  3. Heinz W

    Justin Hawkins rides again

    Lol. @Simto , I'm pretty sure @sws1 already has that covered. Ask him about his LP, you may be surprised.
  4. Heinz W

    What strings do you favour?

    Stringjoy Broadways (pure nickel) .010 - .046 on my Gibson's, which includes two vintage Juniors and a modern reissue LP Standard. Stringjoy Signatures on the Fenders (nickel wound) .0095 - .046.
  5. Heinz W

    Would you rather have an SG or a Tele

    I'd rather have a Strat and a Les Paul. Forced to choose between a Tele and an SG? Tele.
  6. Heinz W

    Early SF Super Value?

    Yeah, that's around what I was thinking. But between big amps falling somewhat out of fashion (prices going down), and the Covid craziness (prices going up), it's hard to know what to offer here. Agreed. One reason I'm even entertaining buying it. Don't really need another amp, but at bargain...
  7. Heinz W

    Take a little trip with HDTH

    I think I'm having a flashback! o_O
  8. Heinz W

    Early SF Super Value?

    I have a line on one of these and was wondering what a fair offer would be. Non-MV, Jensen C10q speakers, and good cosmetic condition save a couple tears on the top front corners. Missing one knob. Looks all original w/footswitch. Assuming it sounds good and works properly looking for some...
  9. Heinz W

    Do you currently have a Gibson guitar with a headstock repair

    I have three Gibson's, no headstock breaks. One, a beat '68 SG Jr has at least two BODY breaks and broken neck at the heel. It was my late FIL's and I think he must have pulled it out of the trash and fixed it up. How do you break all that stuff yet the headstock is still intact?!? Don't know...
  10. Heinz W

    Strat volume knob too close to pickup?

    I like it as stock, too. I think picking hand style has a lot to do with whether or not you like its location. A vigorous strummer may have issues with it (and the pickup selector switch), while those like me who employ minimal arm movement have no such issues and like it where it is.
  11. Heinz W

    Good classic rock songs to sing to newborn son

    I Am a Child Child in Time Children of the Grave New Kid in Town Analog Kid The Kids are Alright ;) I had the honor to play my second granddaughter the first music she ever heard, in the hospital at less than a day old. What song? "Angelina" by Tommy Emmanuel.
  12. Heinz W

    Vintage Parts Flea Market

    Thank you sir! :beer Be sure to show us your 'completed' amp when it arrives. Which reminds me, I'd better check up on my amp. It's been in the shop for a few months now.
  13. Heinz W

    Vintage Parts Flea Market

    If what you have (Gibson amp logo) doesn't work for @WordMan, perhaps it would for me. '57 GA-5. Thanks for your consideration.
  14. IMG_20180403_104929517.jpg


    Les Pauls at Rumbleseat
  15. Heinz W

    Gary Richrath

    Double white PAFs, not double cream. DiMarzio Super Distortion's may be cream, and other after-market pickups may have cream bobbins, but those original PAFs did not; they were white. Sorry to quibble, but that bugs me. RIP Gary.
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