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    Teixeira Amps Texosound Bernie--Lengthy Initial Thoughts

    Ya if you are looking for breakup at home get the 5 watt. I have the Bernie and was surprised by how much volume it puts out.
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    Divided by 13 FTR 37

    Can you run the FTR at full power into a single 1x12 cab? Speaker would be an 8 ohm Creamback 75. Which ohm speaker jack would I plug into? Thanks!
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    Sold Analogman Sunbender Fuzz $180

    Have an Astrotone I'd trade. PMed
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    Is the Jan Ray fad over?

    Anybody have info on Analogman modding Timmys to Jan Ray specs or adding exp out?
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    Share Your SlideRig Settings!!

    Really curious about this comp. are you guys just using it for slide? I'm looking for something that can do a light natural compression for newer pop country on one side and then switch to a heavy compressed sound for the 90's brent mason thing. Any of you guys able to do that with this pedal?
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    Vertex Landau Boost now available

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it! Going to order the boost and volume pedal!
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    Vertex Landau Boost now available

    Desperado, So when the Vertex Boost is turned off and the exp pedal is plugged in, do you get the tone suck that you usually get with a volume pedal? Or is it still out of the path such as when the boost is turned ON? Sorry Im not super hip to pedal lingo. I guess what Im trying to figure out...
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    Boutique Reverb Pedal Shootout

    Really liked the Flint and Wet. I thought they blended with the dry signal and sounded very natural. The HoF sounded great too. The EQD pedal was a little over the top for me but sounds great for that kind of thing.
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    TimeLine FX Loop

    Cant you do the POG and Phase 90 stuff with the TL's Ice and Filter modes?
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    Timefactor & Timeline / Space & Timeline users

    Is it possible to have the TL receiving bank/preset changes from a Space while NOT receiving global tempo? Is it easy to switch back and forth between receiving global tempo and not receiving it? Would be nice to receive global tempo when playing on the fly and to not receive when tempos can be...
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    Timefactor & Timeline / Space & Timeline users

    Ive been thinking alot about this same thing. Timeline hooked up to a Space.
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    Pedal for slapback?

    Have both the AM delay and the CC. Night and day difference.
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