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    Yay Reverb!

    Everyone thinks capitalism is great until it happens to them ;)
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    Is this a dealbreaker for a purchase?

    The image is not straight on. You can’t tell from an angle shot like this. I seriously doubt there’s a problem. I’m sure those slots are cut by a CNC. And if there was an issue they’d notice pretty quick because it would not just be a one off
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    Yay Reverb!

    You obviously don’t have any idea what it takes to run a site like Reverb. It costs a ton of money to develop and enhance a site like that. It costs a ton of money to maintain it. I’m sure it cost them millions just to implement all the recent state tax crap. And they are a global service. Any...
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    Yay Reverb!

    This. Anyone that wants to start a new service is free to do so. It’s certainly possible. But it is way more work than most people realize. It costs a lot of money to develop and run a service like that. Seriously, what are the alternatives? TGP is hit or miss and much smaller regular user...
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    Fender Tone Master Princeton Reverb

    They both sound great. Nice playing too!
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    Comparison tests and demos - aka, tonal delusions for the everyday player

    Nice. You didn't quote the rest of that paragraph where I explained exactly why setting knobs to the same position is not a good comparison. The tolerances on these things vary greatly, plenty of pots out there can easily be 20-30% out of the specified value. So you may have to turn a knob a...
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    Too much BS on these internets

    Epic Irony!
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    This feels like Deja Vu

    You do! Why else would you click on the thread and take the time to respond?
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    FM9 Turbo

    Have you looked into buying a car lately?
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    FM9 Turbo

    There was a bit of random melodramatic speculation about a board redesign but there is no substance to any of that speculation.
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    This song....I mean...aren't there laws against this?

    This is so much better than Godzilla!
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    FM9 Turbo

    This is what Cliff posted on the Fractal forum:
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