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    Original 1952 Les Paul price advice

    I just paid $16k for a repaired headstock 53. That’s a reputable dealer price. I think a body refinish might lower the value a bit more—but not to much. This is presuming all else is orig.
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    Incoming.....1961 Fender Jazzmaster

    although—I will put in a shoutout to the 65-66’s. They have these beefy necks at the nut. And those pickups sounds a little more aggro but less clear.
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    Incoming.....1961 Fender Jazzmaster

    Dude that is amazing! How is the neck profile at the nut? My 59 is thinner, but my 62 is beefier. Refin or orig finish? I bet it sounds amazing. The pre-cbs JM are better—the ones on or before 62 have a special mojo due to the pickups. They are clearer, but still have a full spectrum.
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    New (old) guitar day

    From one Watt to the next—here’s to ya on a very sweet jazzbox!
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    What to look for in a vintage champ?

    Look for: clear, full sounding cleans at 3. Perfect edge of breakup at 5-6. Perfect high gain at 9. Perfect Neil young at 12. if you look for this and find it…buy it.
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    NGD: 1953 Les Paul

    It sounds great through all my amps…including my namesake. I’m preferring the ‘59 tweed deluxe. I paid 16k for it. Seemed fair—there was a similar one locally maybe2-3 years back who got $12k. This one is better though. I missed the first…wasn’t going to miss the 2nd. It’s basically the same...
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    NGD: 1953 Les Paul

    thanks guys! The neck is nice & fat 50's, very similar to my '53 J-50. but not as chunky as my '59 tvjr. I actually like the smaller frets on it. the p-90's are really where it's at though--a ton of sparkle and clarity, while still shredding. whereas my 59 is a lot more mid focused and...
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    1968 Les Paul Standards

    The two I’ve played had bigger 50’s necks.
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    Fender Jazzmaster 1961 - does a refret affect value?

    A refret is not going to effect value. Congrats on the JM!
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    NGD: 1953 Les Paul

    It has one of those replacement bridges that is compensated and allows for winding over the bridge. So it plays and sounds great. the p90’s on this are so nice. Tons of bite. My 59 tv jr is more mid focused—this has a little more sparkle. I’m assuming it’s the pickups, maybe it’s the maple...
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    NGD: 1953 Les Paul

    Got it from Willie’s. Player grade—repaired headstock and neck refin. Grovers. Sounds and plays ridiculous.
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    Is there any luthier willing to make a hurdy gurdy?

    Not trying to make wtb thread, but am having zero luck finding any builders who are still operating…other than Chinese mass products. seems like an amazing instrument.
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    Mic pre amp with passive ribbon mic, is it a must have?

    Agree with the above comments. You should be ok for guitar cab mic’ing.
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