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    Still the best Dumble non Dumble ever!

    So you did great at $4500.00
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    Still the best Dumble non Dumble ever!

    So I was right! $7k, nope. Ive emailed back and forth with Simon, he’s been very nice.
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    Still the best Dumble non Dumble ever!

    You just paid to get to the front of the line. For that tone, I’d pay that much.
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    Still the best Dumble non Dumble ever!

    Man that sounds good. What’s the price, $7k?
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    Did you ever get an amp that made you re-evaluate your playing?

    Princeton Chorus, it’s what learned and practiced on. JCM 800, first real amp, that and a boss SOD worked really well. Peavey 5150, sounded great and used it for years, easy to play. Mesa Triple Rec, great for heavy stuff, easy to play. Fuchs ODS 100, best sounding amp I’ve owned, played...
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    Jhs at+ boost side

    I love mine, it’s not going anywhere. I find some days I like the boost, others not so much. I just step on it and it’s either yup or no way.
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    What is the best MXR phaser?

    My fav mxr is the Evh. It just works. I have owned pretty much all the p90 models. I currently use the Empress phaser and it’s great. Gets the p90 vibe plus much more. Funny thing is, I use the p90 sound 99% of the time.
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    Mesa Triple Crown with 6V6 or 6L6 Tubes

    I just ordered the winged c els from boogie. I hope they are good. Based on this thread it sounds like I might prefer the 6l6s though.
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    Van Halen's tone. Do you love it, or hate it?

    Love it, love it, love it. Especially Fair Warning, 1984, F.U.C.K and Balance. The Balance live tone was my favorite....
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    Name me a Flanger that _____?

    The Camoflange is an awesome option for em thing. I have one and it can be really subtle because of the mix knob. Personally I use the mxr Evh flanger more though. You hit it and it certainly let’s you know it’s on.
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    My hero is dead. I guess that means I have to grow up now.

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