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    Puerile Zappa

    Sttreck aus deinen heissen gelockten! pretty much all of Joes Garage.
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    NAD: Swart Stereo Master 20

    I am looking to pick up either a magnatone panoramic stereo or a swart stereo master 20. I haven’t been able to play through the swart. i was leaning toward the magnatone because of the vibrato/trem, however now that i see you report that the swart is darker, which I like. I’m torn.
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    What was the WORST CONCERT you attended??

    Yeah that was pretty bad. Following ministry at that time and with a replacement guitarist exposed their flaws
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    I restored this 1953 Les Paul

    Thank you for posting this.
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    Sold Origin RevivalDrive Compact, Gurus, Wren, EHX

    If that tiny little caprid is still available I’ll take it.
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    A while back the Chicago History Museum released a trove of images online, plenty of vintage porn to be found.

    Mrs; Wow Buddy Guy was young once! Me; Wow Buddy Guy is playing an SG!
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    Your top 3 songs by Pixies?

    I can’t even rank my favorite three albums by The Pixies.
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    Snuff this GAS

    Those “channel” Fretboards remind me of pez candy for some weird reason. But hey! Like what you like!|
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