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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Jeff / All, thanks very much for taking the time to help, and to explain in detail the technical aspects of the seemingly simple pot. For me, as a non-technical person, I really appreciate the detailed explanations you have provided, and this will really help me (and hopefully others) to...
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Strangest thing - understanding that the ground on the dwell knob may be the problem, I did the most scientific and technical thing - I tapped on the dwell knob several times from below to possibly re-engage any bad connections, and after tapping the knob several times, the knob is working as...
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Thanks again everybody. I took a close-up picture of the connections on the dwell knob - not sure if you can tell if the ground connection is ok or not, but perhaps you can see from this? Thanks again for your help!
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Here is a link to a picture - not sure if this will work: Please let me know if you can see this or not. Thanks for your help.
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Just a quick update, Changing to the ECC81 did not have any effect - still no control of the dwell setting. I also checked the sweep of the dwell knob and it goes from 0 to about 230k. Will check the cap now, but will need to figure out how to do this. Thanks again all!
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Guys, thanks very much for your comments and suggestions, I really appreciate the help! Should have noted this in the original post, but I am still getting reverb, but just can't seem to control the dwell. Sorry about that. Let me check these things out, and hopefully I will be able to get a...
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    Kendrick 1000 Reverb Tank - Dwell Knob

    Hi All, I seem to be having trouble with the Dwell knob on this Kendrick reverb tank - it seems that the level / length of the reverb effect is unchanged from zero to 12. Regardless of what setting the dwell knob is at, the amount of the reverb decay is the same. FYI, I had not used the reverb...
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    Make Noise 0-CTRL

    Got mine about a month ago to pair with the 0-Coast, and I’m liking it very much. There’s a lot in it, and I’m still figuring things out - that Mylarmelodies demo really does a good job showing off the features. Loopop also has a very good demo. By no means an expert when it comes to these...
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    Tiny west-coast systems

    Just only recently got the 0-Coast and 0-CTRL but the pair are a lot of fun. Had for years been trying to get the sounds in my head through traditional subtractive / east coast synths, but had such a hard time getting results that I could be really happy with. Got the 0-Coast first, and found...
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    RIP David Roback
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    Which turntable under $500?

    Also took the plunge on a new Rega Planar 1 when I saw it on sale here in Tokyo for around 330 USD. I had been thinking about going back to vinyl for a while, and after seeing some reviews, and since I already had an all Rega system, couldn't resist the deal on the Planar 1. At first, I...
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    Let's get to the point. Your ONE favorite amp.

    Somewhat surprisingly, my Marshall Class 5 ...
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    acid doodle acoustic

    A bit late to your thread, but I recently discovered this particular record and was impressed. I am not too familiar with this genre, and have always been curious about Fahey. Assuming that I like this record a lot, can you (or anybody) point me to some Fahey or like-minded players and records?
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    Sonic Crayon FX Antinautilus alternative?

    Sorry to resurrect this thread, but only just now discovered the Anti-Nautilus !! The Clouds module from Mutable Instruments looks pretty interesting, but not sure about investing in a Euro-rack modular. As another alternative, has anyone considered or tried a phrase sampler like the Roland...