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Recent content by howthewestwas1

  1. howthewestwas1

    Novo Guitars

    Congrats. Throbak p90s tend to be higher output that most, in my experience. Have you tried adjusting the pickup height? The p90s that came on my serus were certainly set up on the lower side. Once I raised them a bit, the output and mid character improved.
  2. howthewestwas1

    Novo Guitars

    Another short clip of the Serus JS
  3. howthewestwas1

    Novo Guitars

    Nothing wrong with reverend guitars. Lots of love here. Rock on!
  4. howthewestwas1

    Novo Guitars

    Very kind of you! Thank you!
  5. howthewestwas1

    Novo Guitars

    Thanks, guys!
  6. howthewestwas1

    Novo Guitars

    Did another quick recording of my Serus JS. Finding some better mic combos with the Ox Box that I am really liking:
  7. howthewestwas1

    FS 1960s Gibson dogear P90 - clear bobbin *Price Drop*

    Reads 8.2k on my multimeter. 10 inches of lead. Bridge position, dogear baseplate. $275 paypal/shipped to lower 48, obo. Thanks!
  8. howthewestwas1

    Jacksnax: 3 Vintage LP JR’s & Special

    Wow that Kemper sounds great! +1000
  9. howthewestwas1

    Where can I find a vintage P-90 for my Les Paul Jr?

    Here it is. Reads 8.2k on my multimeter. 10 inches of lead. Bridge position, dogear baseplate.