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    Help, I am an idiot (CV Jaguar Repair)

    Pots can often be repaired. Search for such things and see if you can. You’ll learn either way. ;)
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    Heavier gauge strings are easier on the fingers

    Thicker sounds better to me. 13-56 on all of them.
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    Different tunings - How about a tuner that tunes to 432hz?

    Korg have tuners that have adjustable hertz. Korg Orchestral Tuner OT-120 Korg CA-20 (old and the one I use) I set mine to 432. Why? I don’t know. It’s staying as it is.
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    Why are we gravitating towards guitar designs that are 60 years old?

    Because of the aesthetics and features. I’ve always liked them and hate pretty much all modern guitars. I don’t like modern cars either. Or modern clothing, or modern anything really.
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    Fender Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster? NGD!

    It’s not a true vintage spec model at all. There’s numerous things historically inaccurate…including the routing. Pickups are AV65s, yes. It’s a great looking model. Clearly not historically correct:
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    can i reheat & reuse existing solder on guitar pots?

    Solder time of 3-5 seconds maximum is what manufacturers often recommend in their data sheets. BTW, less solder is better than too much but it’s always worth adding a little new solder to existing solder.
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    How do I "yellow" my guitars? Best cigarette brand?

    UV Bulbs will do it.
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    Heading to Seattle soon, best guitar shops?

    This one…see bad things.
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    How do I "yellow" my guitars? Best cigarette brand?

    Last time I talked to Bob Sackamano he was over the whole “fake aging” thing as he too is quite old now and has himself realized that it’s in youth that vigor and enthusiasm are found.
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    Differences between vintage pre-CBS and modern Strats.

    Two sites I found along the way. They may help you define details you’re after.
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    5 bands that influenced your style and sound most when first learning guitar.

    Nirvana - Bleach, Incesticide…specifically. Melvins - Houdini…specifically. Slayer - South of Heaven, Seasons in The Abyss…mostly. Sonic Youth, all. Dinosaur Jr, all. However, my playing style is very broad today. I can sound like any of the above with original material (so much so you’d think...
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    What Fender Jaguar could I buy?

    Indeed. I have songs I can play much easier on my 24” scale guitars than on the 25.5” scale. It makes a huge difference when stretching over multiple frets.
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    Are offsets the most popular guitar these days?

    Roy Clark plays Jazzmaster and Jaguar, among others. Also, worth watching him here.
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    Are offsets the most popular guitar these days?

    Yes, and many before those guys.
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    Post audio examples despite lack of skill?

    Post them because of a lack of skill that way people can rip you a new one. :D I’ve been playing guitar since 1994 and I’m still learning…always will be. Instrument Mastery doesn’t exist. What does exist is Instrument Wankery!
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