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    New Fulltone OCD, v 2.0. The BRAND new one.

    I love the V2. I had a 1.4. Loved that a lot. Bought the V2. Definately has tons of volume. Very robust by comparison. My nephew bought one after I told him my impressions and he bought one. Loves it, says it's a game changer. Highly recommended.
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    Best Mini or Micro OD

    Suhr Riot Mini. Love it. The Donner Morpher is a great clone of the Riot, just barely different enough to recommend without guilt. Pretty close I'll buy a clone and if I like it, I'll buy the original, like the Riot. Usually better note definition and clarity, less mud. Plus you gotta give...
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    Fulltone OCD..I don't get it.

    I tried the OCD when it came out, amid all the hype, and was completely underwhelmed. I didn't get what the appeal was, it was pretty ho hum. Like a car with low horsepower. What's the fuss? The last couple of years, I've noticed a couple of friends were using them and they sounded pretty good...
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    Favorite Cheap Clone of Clones?

    The Eno Trouble pedal. Sounds great. I bought it cheap and learned it was a clone of an OCD. It's perfect as a low gain boost with my Hot Rod Deluxe. With the Marshall, less so. Oddly, when the OCD first came out, I didn't like it. Go figure. I'll check out the latest version next time I'm at...
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    NPD: Nux Roctary

    After looking for a good sounding Leslie simm, I got the Roctary. It seemed any of the better ones were pretty expensive and the lower cost ones just didn't do it for me. Some were awful. The YouTube demos sounded great. I went to GC to try a used one but it didn't work. I ordered on from...
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    Buffer question:

    I believe all are true bypass.
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    Buffer question:

    Finally. You'd think I was new... Thanks for the help. My working man's, meat and potatoes board. Will a buffer help this rig? wah - polytune - roctary - trouble - riot - micro chorus - carbon copy - flashback - Vibratrem - HOF
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    Buffer question:

    Having no luck with Photobucket! Any recommendations?
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    Buffer question:

    Oops, here's my board: [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]
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    Buffer question:

    Hi, here's a question. I'm thinking of getting a stand alone buffer for my pedal board. I don't even know if I need one but the arguments are pretty compelling. If I have a buffered pedal, ala Boss, would that cover the buffer issue? Would I need more than that? Am I just looking to spend $...
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    Every Leslie/Rotary Pedal on the Market?

    It does indeed. My bass player heard about a minute of the roctary and decided to buy one and lose his EHX pedal. Apparently it sounds great, which is nice to hear when you buy blind. I like it a lot, I think it sounds great, still breaking it i but it sounds great. Lots of inspiration waiting!
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    Every Leslie/Rotary Pedal on the Market?

    +1 for the Roctary. Just got it and it sounds great. Inexpensive.. Can't wait for rehearsal.
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    Ever re-visited a pedal and changed your mind about it??

    Somehow, and I can't explain, I've bought the Fab Chorus three times! Sometimes, I'll move a knob and think "Holy s--t, that sounds amazing". Other times, meh.
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    Mini Pedals

    +1 on the Rowin Trelicopter. Useless. Returned it same day. Wish I felt the same on the Mosky Spring Reverb. Meh. Sold it.
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    Cheap tremolo pedal, but choppier than the Trelicopter?

    I bought the Trelicopter to replace my Marshall VibraTrem. No dice. It didn't compare. Hoping to find a Mini that's as good as the Marshall.