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    FSOT Wampler Velvet, Qtron+, Fulltone Mas Malo, OTC201 clone, Rockmate looper, WA Lillian

    Wampler Velvet - 125 Walrus Audio Lillian - 125 Fulltone Mas Malo - 120 Rockmate 8 switch looper - 100 Qtron+ - 140 Otc201 clone- 70 Add 10 to ship, interested in trades: Analog delays Octave pedal of some sort Wahs Chorus Boost Envelope filter Synth pedals
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    FS Korg Kronos 61

    Korg kronos 61 key with soft shell case. Great shape, local sale only (CT, MA. NY, RI) 2000 firm Thanks!
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    FS "Help me pay my bills sale" Neunaber, GFI, OTC201 clone, Fulltone

    Need to try and move a few things asap, will get these shipped out before the weekend. PP f&f please! Excellent feedback on reverb also. Nuenaber Wet v5 - 140 shipped GFI Clockwork - 130 shipped Dinosaural OTC201 optical comp clone - 75 shipped Fulltone Mas Malo - 120 shipped Rocktron patchmate...
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    Sold Meris Hedra

    Bought it brand new a month ago but it's too much of a pedal for me. 230 shipped or trade towards: Way huge aqua puss Audio interface Fuzz Overdrives Try me
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    Sold Lace Gold Sensor set loaded in a Tyler pickguard

    Bump Will trade towards a way huge aqua puss or a decent audio interface
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    Sold Lace Gold Sensor set loaded in a Tyler pickguard

    Set of lace gold sensors loaded in a Tyler pickguard, shows a bit of aging but are in great shape. 150 shipped and PPed
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    Sold Mythos, Keeley, Source Audio for tele pickups

    Looking for a nice set of tele pickups. Kinman, lollars, in that realm. Would love to find a set with wiring to allow running them in series/parallel. Also interested in a phaser of some sort. Mythos Olympus- mint with box Source Audio Hedra - mint with box Keeley Verb o Trem - no box...
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    Sold Fuchs modded Twin Reverb - single channel ODS clone

    Picked this up here recently but it's just a whole Lotta amp and I'm not using it as much as I hoped. I'll work on getting pics uploaded here or send me your email/number and I'll pass some along. Had Brian from 3rdrail amps add a master volume to the amp. It's installed on the rear panel...
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    Sold Ethos Clean I

    Looking to trade a mint Ethos Clean I. Interested in overdrives, fuzzes, phasers, delays. Whatcha got?
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    Ever buy something, sell it, then ultimately buy it again?

    Just bought a Big Sky for the second time yesterday, considering another Volante also.
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    Markstronixfx Mark II overdrive?

    Anybody hear of these or try one? According to his reverb store he lives in the same town as me but told me no when I asked if there was a way to try one first before buying which was disappointing. Lotta clips on his IG page
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