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    This song....I mean...aren't there laws against this?

    We only have A-T and C-G, so there should be plenty of identical people milling around too...
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    Why are we gravitating towards guitar designs that are 60 years old?

    Almost everyone plays a "Stradivarius" shaped violin and a "Boehm" style clarinet and a "Torres" shaped classical guitar that all look similar. Same with electric guitar; Strat and LP style have risen to the top in a similar manner and will continue to be popular for many years to come. In a...
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    Show me your purple guitars

    ...well it used to be...OK "10" on the wood but maybe only "3.5" on the dye...
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    Well, another day, another amp destroyed by UPS - Mesa MKIII hardwood

    As upset as you should be, that is a Holy Grail amp. I’d be glad it is repairable and realize fewer and fewer people can ever own an amp like that. Consider tearing it down, refresh pots, caps, tubes and sockets as needed and get the cab professionally restored locally or within driving...
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    Polish up an older guitar, advice needed

    It is almost impossible to polish poly by hand.
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    How do I "yellow" my guitars? Best cigarette brand?

    The lacquer has yellowed on my guitars and they have never been near tobacco smoke. One thing tobacco smoke does well; make the lungs black.
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    Revisiting the Standby Switch

    What “inrush of current?” 40 milliamps? Haha...
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    Songs and albums slightly out of tune...

    Another new problem generated by the internet. My 13yo sister was the only person I knew with a fixed rpm turntable. I can’t think of any record I can’t bring in tune with my midrange turntable. Heck, even my cassette deck has a pitch knob with a center detent.
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    Marsh Face Plates for Mojotone Chassis

    You are making fake amps? Ok.
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    Deluxe Reverb project, finally got one

    Fantastic! You will have fun with that. I picked up an un-molested 1969 Deluxe Reverb still with its original tubes recently. Looks like this. I'd not worry about spending some big money to get a good cabinet for yours. These unmolested amps are valuable and hard to come by.
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Nice guitar! Customs without gold are unique. They made some with Nickel back in the 1970s. Norlin cost cutting, or unusual gems? I have a 1976 custom with Nickel.
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    Grounding a LP after Bigsby install

    "Most Elegant" would be to remove the Bigsby...:rimshot
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    Are Gibson P90s good?

    I knew this guy with an electric guitar that also had some speaker box to which it connected by some wire. The contraption made even. If you had something similar you might be able to check out those pickups yourself...
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