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    Vendor Simple Leather Guitar Straps | McMurray and Blonde

    Tried to order a double door adjustable and got this: TGP discount code isn’t valid for the items in your cart
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    ‘66 Tele with vintage wiring - change to modern? (Pics Added)

    Wire it the way you want. Personally, I like a four-way switch on a Tele and I wire mine so it's bridge, bridge and neck in parallel, bridge and neck in series, and neck on its own. Works well for my needs. Cheers, -- Don
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    What do YOU do to a Vintage guitar when you first get it to make it playable?

    Tune it. Frets if needed, complete setup, pickup height adjustment, and that's about it.
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    Thinking about buying vintage as a sort of investment.

    I'm assuming you're a guitar player. Buy a guitar that inspires you without regard to whether you'll make money on it in the long run. That is secondary . . . way secondary. If you buy a great guitar and you bond with it, then who the hell cares if it appreciates in value? Guitars aren't...
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    Broadcaster 0084 at Norman's

    This. Way back in the 70s, I was into playing flatpicked bluegrass tunes. I went through a lot of new Martins and none of them ever really did it for me. Once day I found a '54 D-28 and played it. Unreal. The difference between this guitar and all the other Martins I owned was substantial...
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    Vintage Champs

    From the engineer, Howard Albert, who worked on the album: If you looked through the control-room glass, the piano was to the left, and on top of the piano, which had the lid closed, were our [Fender Tweed] Champ amps that Eric and Duane both used. Tom Dowd, the producer, mentioned something...
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    Klon Centaur, should I let it go??

    I paid $160 for mine back in the 90s and decided to sell it when they reached $1800. Before I did, I got a KTR and A/B'd them and didn't hear any difference worth noting so I sold the original one and put the KTR on my board. Don't regret it a bit. Cheers, -- Don
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    Guitar Safari!

    Man, now that's a blast from my past. I grew up in East Long Beach and actually bought a brand new Fender 75 there in the early 80s. Haven't thought of that place in decades. Cheers, -- Don
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Well, it's pretty much all original and sounds pretty fantastic. It's light (6.75lbs.) and very resonant unplugged. You can feel it vibrate in your hands. All guitars do this to one extent or another but this one really does. All pickups have usable sounds and I was surprised by how cool the...
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Thanks. I've been looking for quite a while and this one popped up on Reverb. Story is the father bought it new and then handed it down to his son. By the looks of the guitar, though, neither played it all that much. After comparing it closely to a few others, I decided to start negotiations...
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    Decided to treat myself to something special so here's my "new" 1956 Hardtail Stratocaster. I'm the second owner. Cheers, -- Don
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    People you were surprised to find out were good on guitar

    Marty Stuart. I always figured he was just a country boy with great hair and then I heard him play "Clarence." If anyone ever deserved to own Clarence White's B-Bender, it's Marty. He can stand on stage with anyone and keep up no problem. Phenomenal player.
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    Luthier in Riverside or San Diego Counties

    Thanks for the recommendations! Chris finally got in touch but if he's too busy I'll definitely check out these other folks. Cheers, -- Don
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    Luthier in Riverside or San Diego Counties

    Looking for a good guitar tech/luthier in Riverside or San Diego counties. I have some stuff that needs to be done on a couple of vintage guitars and need someone competent and reliable. I used to use Chris Camp in Escondido but he's not answering emails or his phone these days. Anyone know...
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    Which low output P90 for this old Gibson ?

    This just popped up in the classifieds. BTW, I have a set of '53 P-90s in my 2000 R6 and they aren't ever coming out.