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    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    Please do, thanks!
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    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    The tech mentioned he did the “hammer test” and there was no change. I tried moving the amp around and tapping it with hands but could not reproduce the issue. I also wiggled power and standby switches but again nothing. It acts up almost every time I turn it on, but sometimes it flickers right...
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    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    Right ... the tech I took the amp to said diodes were fine. I may take it to another place and have them look it over once more.
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    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    Ok, what should I expect that to do and if it fixes the problem, what was the issue?
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    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    If by pedalboard you mean footswitch then yes, tried with and without, no difference.
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    Mesa Mark V Intermittent Issue

    Hey all, just wondering if anyone has experienced an issue like this before and can offer some insight on what could be the problem. The amp was bought new 5yrs ago and has been working perfectly until about a year or so ago when it developed an intermittent power issue. It will randomly...
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    Anyone switched from regular Tortex picks to Tortex III? Come in please

    Switched to III’s years ago and have been using them ever since.
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    New pedal from Earthquaker Devices / Plumes

    Went straight onto the board as soon as I got it, used it live and rehearsal. It's really really really good.
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    Do you use a rat in a tube screamer fashion?

    Definitely ... that's my main use for any RAT style pedal. Crunchy amp + RAT style = my main sound. Right now I'm using Walrus Iron Horse but also have and love JAM Rattler and Lovekraft Chupacabra.
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    What's your favorite pre-dirt delay (preferably analog) with more than 300ms delay time?

    Maxon AD-9 Pro:
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    Attenuator for 50w Plexi (SL67).

    Similar here ... at home, I set my SL67 to low power, master 1/4 up, volume around 4~6 on the dial and then I hit the amp with Koko Boost for some extra crunch (or use a fuzz, dist or OD pedal if I want more "gain"). I find that doing so, I get a much better feel and sound for lower volumes than...
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    Attenuator for 50w Plexi (SL67).

    Using the master volume on the back ... :rotflmao
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    Mesa triple rec or Rivera K-tre ?

    Hhhmmm ... that's odd, I don't own but often play JCM 2000 as that's what they have available at the studio where we rehearse. My main sound is always a crunchy amp boosted with a pedal of sorts and JCM 2000 sounds awesome. Probably my favourite out of all the other amps they have in various...
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    Dirty Shirley Twin amp nice

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    Mesa Graphic EQ question

    Mark V: Ch.3 & Ch.2 = always on Ch.1 = always off