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    I want a 335 but...

    I agree with all of this. Having owned numerous old Ibanez 335-types and also Tokai MIJ ES-types, of these I have now pared down to keeping an Ibanez 1981 AS100 cherry and a Tokai 2014 ES-188 Sunburst. Both exceptional instruments. The Tokai definitely sounds more like an old Gibson 335...
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    Barber GCX anticipation thread!

    I'm very interested - too many fuzzes is never enough ! ;) Planning on keeping the same theme of graphics / colors as the GCX ? I think you got it spot on there.
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    DBII on NPR

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    AUSTRALIA/Sydney - best store for pedals?

    Go and see Rene @ Global Vintage in Annandale.
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    Bowie Died :(

    RIP - what a great talent.
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    Vintage Plexi moved to consignment, mixed emotions

    I have an original 50 watt '67 plexi head, and a 50 watt '68 plexi Trem head, both with matching original cabs. Both sound amazing, yet each quite different. They don't get too much play time, as I'm currently more in the Fender camp, and have way too many toys... I'd really regret selling...
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    Original Marshall Guvnor pedal parts

    Hi Mike, Are replacements for the original footswitch available? If not, what's the best alternative? Thanks in advance
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    Steve Winwood's "Higher Love"

    Totally agree !
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    BEST Vintage Style/TONE Tremolo Pedal?

    I own 3 of the older (medium-size) Swamp Thang tremolos - they all sound a bit different. And despite the lack of versatility they all sound very cool, and are my preferred trem tones. Quality control of the final build on these seems to have been an issue, so I had my tech go through them...
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    Tutorial on how to mod your UK Guv'nor to Wampler Plextortion specs for more bass.

    Not wanting to derail, but does can anyone point me to a source for an original replacement footswitch for a UK Guv'nor? Thanks in advance
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    Captain Coconut 2 vibe replacement

    The Aquavibe is a great pedal, and the one I'd suggest in your situation if you like the CC2 (I own both). Why not contact Dave Fox @ Foxrox and see if it's possible to modify an Aquavibe pedal for you to include the ECS feature? Please let us know how you go if you do.
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    Doug Pettibone

    Doug Pettibone is definitely one of my favorite guitarists. Love his use of effects - especially tremolo & fuzz, guitars and amps to coax many inspired tones that always lend to the song.
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    Keyboard Effects Pedal for Normal Electric Guitar?

    I'm in a similar position across a couple of bands, where I want to just add the odd keyboard rhythm/riff/fill. For organ/B3-esque tones I've settled on an Arion SCH-1 Chorus pedal (note, NOT the SCH-Z later version). Really impressed by this device (and I've tried some other very good ones...
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