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  1. In Absentia

    Friedman Naked Mk2 vs. Bogner Modded SLO-100!

    I love your videos. I subscribe to your channel. You just get the best tones. Loved you Ultralead video. I’m dying for a Friedman Naked MK II, but unsure of how to get one. The tone here is massive. Also, thanks for turning me on to the Alnico Creams. I’d never considered Alnico speaker before...
  2. In Absentia

    ’80s videos: they didn’t even try, did they

    I love cheesy 80s videos. The cheesier the better for me! I loved those videos when I was a kid, the way I like Thundercats. It was big and loud and fun. Now, I enjoy them for completely different reasons. These videos are comedy gold. And yeah, cut ‘em some slack. They really did well with what...
  3. In Absentia

    Underrated Amp Brands

    Rivera doesn’t get near enough press.
  4. In Absentia

    Remember Tiffany?

    First concert I ever saw was NKOTB and Tiffany. She was talented back then. A little ashamed to admit that was my first show, but I was 8 lol. It wasn’t long though before I discovered Metallica and Megadeth.
  5. In Absentia

    Hard Rock Fans - Your Favorite Amps...

    Well, I mean, you’ve got all my bases covered! I want a Fryette Ultralead in the worst way. That’s have to be up there. If Steve would release them again, they’d be snatched up quick. I had a KSR that killed for metal and hard rock. Couldn’t be tamed, though. It was always grindy. The clean...
  6. In Absentia

    Jamming & 420... I want to record myself with & without and see how good or bad it sounds.

    I play drums, guitar and bass quite well on cannabis. We do it live (the whole band) and have had nothing but compliments on our sound. I don’t really flub or miss pets with cannabis. Alcohol, on the other hand, gets out of control quick. After the second beer at setup, I may start to screw up...
  7. In Absentia

    Big age gaps between band members vs being a similar age? What's your view?

    I’m 10 years older than all my other members.
  8. In Absentia

    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    I didn’t do the NOS thing. In fact, I didn’t quite mean to do it in the first place. I just ordered whatever fit, and lived with it lol.
  9. In Absentia

    A Suhr Disappointment (Update)

    I wouldn’t personally have an issue with it.
  10. In Absentia

    How much does missing the box devalue a pedal?

    Zero. But I have knocked off a ten spot for some particularly nice buyers
  11. In Absentia

    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    Definitely! I will say, both of mine had the same set stock, and we’re about 15 years apart. I did replace the pre tubes on my Fryette, and made a large difference. I actually lost a bunch of gain because of my tube selection, but gained a sweetness to the sound.
  12. In Absentia

    What is your oddest shaped guitar?

    Hey! The Marty McFly guitar!
  13. In Absentia

    What is your oddest shaped guitar?

    Ha! I don’t own any odd shaped guitars, but came here to mention PureSalem, as my guitar player has a few. I really dig them, tbh.
  14. In Absentia

    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    It’s not so much a sound thing as a feel thing. I couldn’t tell you exact what a choke does, but I had a a VHT and a Fryette, with and w/o the choke, and they definitely felt different. The old VHT didn’t seem to saturate in the way that the newer ones do. They had more of that classic Pittbull...
  15. In Absentia

    Fryette Deliverance Series 1 vs 2 : Soundclips

    very nice! I had one with the choke and loved it. I keep trying to track down the specific amp, but no luck so far.
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