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    Wampler Belle not available until next year sometime:( Want good ODR-1 type pedal

    I had a Nobels a while back, maybe it was a relatively new release at the time? How long has it been in production? Anyway, I hated it, worst tone suck from it's buffer that I ever recall, and I'm usually not that picky about that. Maybe it had something else wrong, not sure. I returned it...
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    Best tremolo for the money?

    The new MXR that was just released sounds great, very versatile, small, and about $150 or so, seems like a great pedal.
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    Are all PRS guitars as good at the Vela?

    I like 'em a lot. You'll find more fans over at the PRS Forums which are pretty lively. I own two currently and am about to order my third one this weekend. I've gone back and forth on PRS, but feel like I understand them better now, and what I like as well. They have always had a good...
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    NGD, Sweetwater, & Gibson

    That looks awesome, I’ve sort of lusted after one of these lately. And SW is excellent. As far as online goes, they are tops.
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    What finger do you slide on?

    I'm equally poor with every finger - maybe I should try my thumb at some point! I just need to practice more. Maybe something shorter, or glass. I have a metal slide now, I just make too much noise with it when i try. Practice, practice, practice.
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    NPD - Boss CP-1X Compressor

    I'm ordering a demo model from SW as I type this. Helpful thread here. I've been with, and without compressors for a while. Playing more clean stuff lately, and I miss what it can do. I've had the following: Keeley 4 knob Orange Kongpressor Diamond (two) Mad Professor FGC EQD Warden v1...
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    Nemesis vs. Collider

    You can do dual delays on the Collider. You hold the little button the back, and then the side that is normally for reverbs, will be able to choose delays as well. So you can mix and match two delays at once. Or two reverbs at once. Can't do that with the Nemesis, unless maybe you use the app to...
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    Would this bother you?

    Edited for civility. You're right, I shouldn't have said that - now deleted in my original post. I was tired, after doing a lot of driving yesterday - no excuse though. I had one pedal I bought new, from Greece, that arrived where the builder put it in a paper thin "box" and wrapped it in...
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    Would this bother you?

    I've ordered a lot of stuff from SW. Poor shipping techniques was never an issue. I'm pretty anal about this stuff too. But in light of everything happening, the fact that you got a pedal, on discount, and it arrived, safely, but with not enough packing materials to make you happy? Find...
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    BKP Black Dog, Suhr Aldrich, other higher output passives?

    Yep it was me. Actually sold it not too long ago, to another faculty member down in Miami, FL. Great guitar and pickups, I've just been in PRS stage lately. Love the 85/15 pickps in both my Custom 24 and CE 24. They do a very nice single coil tone as well.
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    I got it from Ish Guitars, in Syracuse. I only live an hour away, and hadn't even heard of this shop before, turns out they are a huge PRS dealer (and some really esoteric basses too). I saw this finish online at their site, and waited for a month or two, but I knew it was kinda love at first...
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Yeah, the other one in the photo is the S2 Custom 24. 85/15 pickups like the CE24, which are brighter, but could be due to the maple neck as you mentioned. But I think I might actually prefer the neck size (regular pattern) of the S2, and the gloss I like. Very different necks, which is what I...
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    This is my second time going with PRS. These are my two main guitars now, and I have a Telecaster too. I had an LP, SG, 335 a strat and another tele, just didn't need it all. We'll see how long that lasts though...
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    Pics of main board. Just got the MXR Timmy, really enjoying it so far too (had a Tim a long time ago). Shouldn't have waited so long!
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    Show Your Pedalboard: 2020

    I'll return the favor with my board and my CE24 - vintage white color, natural back/sides. Just got it in February.