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Recent content by Ironman

  1. Ironman

    Bogner Goldfinger SL

    Oh boy, I've got to check one out! Love my GF45, I've had it for years. It has an incredible feel, delicious give in the power section. An even more versatile gain channel is too good to pass up.
  2. Ironman

    Roccforte Custom 80 vs HG-100

    I've had a couple of Customs (30 and 80) and a Jenelle which I still have...best of both worlds plus a nice loop added, also has a smoother taper to the master vol. Awesome unique amps, impeccable build, HUGE sonic footprint! The HG and Custom controls are the same so they look identical from...
  3. Ironman

    Bogner Goldfinger 45- What a monster amp!!

    Sorry for the late reply. I had the GF45 for a couple of years before trying a GF90. There is a difference. The GF45 is sweeter overall and "sings" more opened up. The GF90 has a bigger sonic footprint, classic El34 bark and isn't as gainy as the GF45, definitely less compression on the...
  4. Ironman

    Bogner Goldfinger 45- What a monster amp!!

    I love the GF, had to try both flavors.
  5. Ironman

    80's hair metal sound - was it all JCM800 or other amps / pedals

    A few guys mentioned George Lynch using Randall. Tooth and Nail was all Randall from what I remember, one of my favorite albums. I had one in the 80's too.
  6. Ironman

    NGD: Music-Man Axis Natural Flame!

    Nice one! I love the Axis, have a BFR and a standard in natural. 10's or 9's work for me. My BFR has 10's and the natural is still uber slinky with 9's. Just wipe down the neck occasionally, I kinda like the worn in look...she's sexy a little dirty.
  7. Ironman

    Celestion G12H30's compared to Heritage H30's?

    I picked up a quad of the Heritage G12H 55hz speakers when they first came out, I still love this speaker. I had Anniv G12H's before and the Heritage's are a different animal. I still like to experiment with speakers but the Heritage's aren't going anywhere, love it!
  8. Ironman

    Jubilee tube recommendations

    I like EL34B-STR's in my Jub and Slash. EH or Chinese pre's. I've got so many different tubes, I went through a phase. Tubes are good fun to experiment with.
  9. Ironman

    Roccaforte Custom 30

    I had a custom 30 and 80 years ago. I picked up a Jenelle (2 ch, custom and HG preamps) from Doug when he first released it and still have that one. The custom's have the same preamps, different power amp sections. They don't have as much gain on tap as a Jubilee, gotta use a pedal to get...
  10. Ironman

    Live clip of my BE100

    Tight, sounds great!
  11. Ironman

    Roccaforte Amp's - Opinions, Please..

    I've had a few of Doug's amps. They're built like a tank, very clean PTP wiring. They exude quality. Someone that says otherwise doesn't know a thing about quality build.
  12. Ironman

    What's the best amp you ever had?

    Toss up but the bottom beast get's more play time.
  13. Ironman

    Roccaforte Custom 80 incoming...now here...and gone

    One of his HG amps/Jenelle would probably do the trick for you if you're wanting more gain. I've had a couple of Customs and tried a bunch of pedals to boost them. My favorite was an OCD. Regarding the volume taper, the Jenelle has a much more linear taper than the Customs.
  14. Ironman

    Show us your amp(s)!

    Current lineup.