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  1. itstooloudMike

    Fret Buzz - Why Can't I Setup my Strats To Play Like My Gibsons?

    Strat has a longer scale than Les Paul. The longer the vibrating length of a string, the more movement the string makes while vibrating. So, you need more relief and action height if you use the same string gauge with a Strat, compared to a Les Paul. One option to keep action height down on a...
  2. itstooloudMike

    What PRS style would you want them to make?

    DGT with bolt-on neck.
  3. itstooloudMike

    Another "bedroom Marshall" thread, more like "basement Marshall" though. Good Master, Attenuator, low watts, etc?

    JVM-1watt head into either a 2x12 or 4x10 cab. These were limited production 50th anniversary amps, and were/are pricey. But the sound is excellent at reasonable volume. I have the JVM1c combo, but play it through a 4x10 cab. Louder than you would think for 1 watt.
  4. itstooloudMike

    Vox Bedroom Options

    Pathfinder-10 plus a good reverb pedal. Great tone, low cost.
  5. itstooloudMike

    I quit trying last night... (telecaster content)

    Please give us details. I used to have a Strings and Things guitar with that body shape, and have been looking for a source for that body. Where did you get that guitar?
  6. itstooloudMike

    What’s giving you GAS right now?

    I’ve been good for a year. But suddenly I “NEED” a Ric 620. Really!
  7. itstooloudMike

    Owning Both a PRS CU 24 and CE 24

    Be careful. If you get a good old CE-24, you may find your Cu-24 to be very expendable. I’ve had both, and much prefer the CE.
  8. itstooloudMike

    12 vs. 14 frets

    I have two 12-fret acoustics now, and have become a convert. My 14-fret acoustic feels “long” now. I play lots of blues leads up the neck, and don’t feel restricted at all. The 12-fret is more comfortable, feels faster, and sounds better to me. I play a lot of finger style. Small body and...
  9. itstooloudMike

    Love the tele tone, not the guitar. Alternative?

    St. Blues makes a model that is like a Telecaster with a LP Jr or Nighthawk body shape. I had an original Strings and Things Bluescaster, and foolishly let it go. Great design. I wish I could find where to buy a body in that configuration.
  10. itstooloudMike

    Anyone make a cheap solidstate Champ amp?

    Vox Pathfinder 10
  11. itstooloudMike

    FS 1985 Rickenbacker 360 6

    PM sent awhile back. Any trade interests? Where are you located? Thanks.
  12. itstooloudMike

    DGT or 335

    Get an ES-345 with the veritone circuitry. You will have all the versatility you will ever need. (More than the DGT I owned)