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    FT Suhr Bella Head - Mahogany Front

    Bump ! I have one of these. Excellent and versatile pedal platform amp for most styles of music. Rock, Blues, Country etc. . . Excellent FX Loop.
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    Sold Vox Wah V847 Almost New !

    Almost New, VOX WAH Model V847 Only Used in a Home studio a few times (I am just not a WAH guy). Here ya go In the Box with tote bag . $60.00 Cash App'd or Paypaled & Shipped (Lower 48)
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    Sold Matchless HC-30 ‘93 (Sampson-Era)

    Bump. One of the dumbest things i did four years ago was sell my 1996 Matchless C30 . The Samson Era Matchless's just have a certain Mojo that the newer ones don't ,and never will, have. Rounder fuller sound and still beautiful chime ! These are great EL: 84 amps !
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    FS Suhr Bella Reverb Head $1600 shipped

    I have two wonderful amps. My Suhr Bella 1/12 combo is the work horse of the two.(I also have a head cab for it ). Really good pedal platform amp for many styles . . Rock , Country, Blues . . etc. . .
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    Sold Himmelstrutz Fetto Nord 70 Works perfect !

    Himmelstrutz Fetto Nord 70 in very good Condition. Works perfect just like brand new . Has been accessed via a switching system since the day I got it new , so it has seldom been stomped on at all. Does everything from Angus to Eddie to Billy G to "Cream Disraeli Gears ". Comes in...
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    Sold GigRig Z Cable

    I own two of these ! Just love it ! Reason for selling =( Down sizing and simi- retired from gigging as much). Much more than a buffer. Makes all your pedals sound as if they are built directly in your amp. Drive pedals sound more chewy and immediate ! Shows some wear and priced...
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    Sold Walrus Audio Julianna Stereo Chorus

    Walrus Audio "Julianna" Stereo Chorus . Almost Brand New/In the Box Never gigged, Just used in my Home studio. $185.00 Shipped and PP ( Lower 48)
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    TC Electronic TCF Gold: One chorus too many.

    I just got a new TC Gold Chorus /Flanger . To me, that is the best Chorus for me . Bad news is, it quit working with in 30 minutes when i got it. Had to return it for a replacement and they are out of stock . Hopefully this was just a defective unit and not a design flaw. My other two are...
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    Just scored an all black TC SCF Chorus / Flanger....what can I expect?

    I just got a new TCF Gold one from Sweetwater and it quit working with in 10 minutes . BUMMER
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    Sold Sold Two Rock Studio Signature head and 1x12 cabinet - Wine Taurus - $3,500

    Bump. I recently played through one of these. Very big sound for 35 watts ! I would opt for this one rather than the 100 watt version.
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    Sold Suhr Bella Reverb and Cab - Mahogany accents

    Bump. One of the best pedal platform amps to be had.
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    Favorite hard rock, & classic rock amp that will also do blues justice ???

    Fender made a point to point channel switching amp in the 80's Called the" Tone Master " . Kind of like a Fender Twin with a Soldano SLO lead channel. For a while Dave GroHL of the Foo Fighters played and toured with one for a few years.
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    Sold Suhr Bella Head & 1x12 Cab

    Bump . Worth every Penny One of the best pedal platform amps to be had. ( Kind of like a more refined cross between Black Face Deluxe and Black Face Bassman 50 but takes pedals better than both of those).
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    Atomic Clr Neo Mk Ii

    The one bad thing about the Atomic CLR Neo. It is never in stock . No telling what will happen if you need to have one repaired .
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    Worth it just for the amp Chasis alone ! BUMP !!
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