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    Put fretboard inlay sticker on my Les Paul Special

    I don't think I'd care for them even if they were real.
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    Beautiful day for a headstrock repair

    ^^ What Tom said. Titebond I is far superior.
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    Best Pics of Guitars You Have Taken?

    Wow! Some really nice pictures here. I like using a reflector light with a regular old tungsten lamp in it in combination with the various lights in the room. Digital camera's need a lot of light for a clear image. It's easier to take a good picture, than to fix one in photoshop.
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    RIP little buddy...

    Ouch! Router tear-out?
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    Custom pickup ring company?

    It's easy when you have the proper tools. I made a little vacuum forming table to make pickup covers, and custom parts.
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    Idea needed for the next guitar

    An Offset
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    Au naturel solid bodies

    Here are a few I built. I confess. This one is tinted with analine dye, but I tried to keep it subtle so it wouldn't appear so.
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    My First Re-Fret

    I always glue refrets. Titebond works fine for me. I've found that it's much easier to keep things tidy if you use a glue syringe for application. I mask the board one slot at a time as I work down the neck. I buy fretwire in bulk, and I always select the profiles that have the longest tang. I...
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    My First Re-Fret

    Cool! Nice work. What size are the frets? Did you glue them?
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    Let's see your BLONDES (guitars only)

    One that I built.
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    for those of you who are quick to dismiss fender as a world class custom builder....

    Not a hater, just pointing out what I consider to be major design flaws. It makes it look pieced together, and incomplete. The color is cool, and the craftsmanship superb, but it looks like a parts guitar. It could be much nicer.
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    for those of you who are quick to dismiss fender as a world class custom builder....

    mismatched knobs, no pickup covers, and a single ply guard are custom? Dismissed!
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    Upgrade my MIM Strat?

    Any trem block is better than the little zinc things that come in a mim. I've got a Callaham in mine, and it's blocked. Gibson 50's wiring would apply to a gibson type guitar with a V/T-V/T setup and two pickups. I don't like bleeder caps because I like the tone of the volume slightly rolled off...
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    What pickups in a les paul for a 70’s classic overdriven sound?

    I'm sitting here laughing my ass off. We're 32 posts into this thread, and nobody has asked the question; What is your rig? What are you playing through? Instead you're talking about pickups from different maker's that sound relatively the same. Your speaker will make more difference than the...