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    New delay/reverb pedal from GFI "Specular Tempus"

    Wow! That’s not good. Not sure what is missing or how the two channels work, but seems this is designed for a stereo operation. Allot of pedals like that, but most sum for mono. But, with this one it appears we’re actually missing something. No wonder it’s not mentioned.
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    New delay/reverb pedal from GFI "Specular Tempus"

    Curious if you guys are running single or two channel rigs? For mono the manual says to use left input, but doesn’t mention the output channel. It also says there is stereo output when using a mono/single input, so what happens if only one output is used? Sum of the two channels? I’ve only...
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    Middle position issue on my Suhr Classic Pro Tele

    John, roger all. I will try your customer service again. I actually tried that route previously, but got frustrated and gave up. I don‘t think this is the place to discuss the issues I had, but if there is a way to speak off line I can share my experience. Thanks for the response.
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    Middle position issue on my Suhr Classic Pro Tele

    I’m the 2nd owner and got the guitar mint and bone stock except for the pickups, which were swapped out for a set of Fralins. I wanted the guitar stock to match the build sheet, so I bought and installed a set of Suhr Classic (low peak) pick-up’s. I’m not even sure what low peak means, but...
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    How long should it take an online company to respond?

    Thank for your thoughtful response derailing my thread. If you had received a guitar in the condition of mine you might feel differently. We’ll see how they respond. One person being aware would be enough.
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    How long should it take an online company to respond?

    Thanks for the feedback.. I’ll give them until COB Wednesday (Only takes a minute to say got your email) and then turn it over to my bank.
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    How long should it take an online company to respond?

    I ordered a Sire Larry Carlton S7 and received it this past Thursday. Was very excited based on the glowing reviews. Pulled it from the box and immediately noticed one side of the flame top was was much darker. Downer! Then I noticed there were several small scratches and a small hole on the...
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    Budget speakers

    Focal 716‘s currently on sale..just google and listen. Just a fantastic budget speaker. I‘ve used the 706’s in a system for 10 years and they’re great IMO.
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    Suggest speakers to pair with Naim Uniti Atom

    Can’t go wrong with Focals. This is what I see matched with NAIM on various forums.
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    Next amp?

    Morgan MPV-23. Save yourself some coin and get Marshall, Vox and Dumble tones out of this great little amp. I won’t try to list all the amps I’ve had over the years and am generally in the Fender camp, but this amp ended it for me. It’s so easy to dial in and just sounds great with every...
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    Which Princeton should I get?

    + 1 Really like my V15 and if you’re looking for a model with reverb, Trem, mid control, bias points, etc., these are really hard to beat. But, if best sound trumps features, I’d go with the Morgan PR 12, or better yet, the JS 12. So IMO, V15/20 bang for the buck, Morgan best sound.
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    My first “real” Tele is coming on Friday- help me pick an amp

    Plus one for the MVP-23! Marshall, Vox and Dumble type sounds. Sounds good with every guitar you throw at it and is extremely easy to dial in. Perfect for home use.
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    Affordable full size acoustic for recording

    I recently bought a PRS SE Tonare T60E. Great guitar. Sound, plays and looks great. And is very reasonably priced. Can spend allot more and get allot less guitar.
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    Please help pick my next combo amp

    I love, love, love the MVP-23. I’ve been through so many amps over the years and it’s tough to find the right one for home use. The 23 has an awesome master volume, as the name suggest, and can be dialed for several sounds. They provide recommended settings for Vox, Marshall and Dumble type...
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    Lace Sensor Neck pickup anyone?

    Not a big fan of their customer service. Might be do to the virus, but before the virus I was corresponding with them about a defective gold neck pickup and a double bridge that wouldn’t fit my guitar. They emailed they would replace and told me to call them them the following Monday (email...

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