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    Uninhibited creativity without drugs?

    It's not in my personality to tell anyone the 'correct' way to do things as we are all wired differently and find that the older I get the less I seem to know. That said, I believe that a sustained work ethic is the best way to aid creativity (at least for me). I write everyday and have done...
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    In The Room - Video diary of my album recording process

    Good luck, Aman I look forward to following your process.
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    Pretty Things - Parachute.... Olivia Tremor Control - Black Foliage

    Never noticed quite how similar these recordings are. Please enjoy....
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    Drum influences

    My friend Donn & brother Bill (RIP). I aspire to be a combination of the two.
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    an opinion about Ringo

    I must admit, I didn't know that Ringo was left handed until I watched the video. Now I'm tempted to set my kit up left handed to see what the effect might be...
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    Samsung study: Attention Spans Shorten, songs must shrink

    I'm thinking that Guided By Voices are finally ready for the big time.
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    Did Anyone actually play a New Year's Eve gig?

    I played an instrumental tune at a funeral yesterday though I don't suspect that counts.
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    "Rebel-Rouser"--A Solo Acoustic Interpretation

    Very nice Inyo, I enjoyed that a lot.
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    Hello It's a a Bee - Maybe a bit influenced by growing up around Captain Beefheart in the Antelope Valley

    I'm currently playing with my cat, George and this fits perfectly!
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    $299 for this?

    It totally suits me.
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    Short scale bass recommendations

    I play a Danelectro Longhorn (had it for about 8 years or so) and I love it, it rocks. The low end THUNK is fabulous and the weight and length make it a pleasure to play on longer gigs.
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    Miley does Courtney

    I thought her performance was good, though I found the song boring.
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    Anyone experienced a big reversal of opinion on a guitar type?

    I started playing in the '70's and never liked LPs, then 2009 I saw a deluxe in a store, picked it up and haven't put it down since... go figure.
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    speaking of (the) Replacements

    Forgot about this. I love that they had the perfect song for such an event. My roommate in the 80's had this on video tape (first time I'd heard of the band) and this performance pretty much formed much of my approach for some years...