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Recent content by Jallawalla

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    New transcribe and backing track creation software demo

    Hi there, I came across this new piece of software called Algoriddim Neural Mix Pro. It's designed for DJs, but guitar players can use it to create backing tracks and transcribe. It's mac only.
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    Can you power pedals with a cheap USB converter from Amazon?

    Hi guys and girls, I just experimented with a power supply from Amazon and it worked (with a bit of tweaking). Even managed to power up my HX Effects. Here's a link to the product page in case you want to do the same project. https://amzn.to/3ai1oZi
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    Laney Cub Supertop Review

    I did a quick and dirty review of the Laney 15watt Cub Supertop head and cab. It's not for me, but good if you want a home level JCM800 type of thing.
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    How to add wifi to Kemper heads (for dummies)

    I have no idea, but I have experienced a few crashes when connected. Sometimes no error message, the app just crashes. This is still in beta so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for the time being. They are usually pretty good with fixing bugs etc.
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    How to add wifi to Kemper heads (for dummies)

    Hi all, I did a video explaining what I've worked out from reading the manual and some experiments at home with the ipad app. If you understand networking then you don't need it. It really covers the basics of how to do it and what you need. I hope it helps somebody!
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    Kemper Powered Cab

    Hi all, here is my review of the new Kemper Powered cab.
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    Philip Sayce - 5:55 cover

    Thanks for the positive comments!
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    Philip Sayce - 5:55 cover

    I thought I'd give this one a go.
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    My tribute to Mateus Asato

    Thanks! Much appreciated.
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    My tribute to Mateus Asato

    I have just spent a couple of months learning 'Don't Dream It's Over' by Mateus Asato. The main problem I've got is that I can't do it anywhere near the speed that he can. Anyhow, constructive feedback welcome!
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    Blackstar HT1-R - 1 watt combo amp with reverb

    Hi all, I did a little review of this great little practice amp.
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones

    I did an opinion thing on youtube
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones unboxing and first impressions

    And here is my actual first impressions of using them. All talking I'm afraid...no way to record these.
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    Boss Waza Air Headphones unboxing and first impressions

    Hi all, These just arrived so I threw together a quick video unboxing and first impressions.
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