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Recent content by jamison162

  1. J

    Sold 15' Fulltone Gold Cable Straight-to-Straight, barely used, $20

    Per title, selling a 15' Fulltone Gold cable. $20 pp'd/shipped.
  2. J

    Sold Capo and Slide Collection + Pick Holder | $40

    Selling the following items as one lot, asking $30. 1) 5 x Assorted capos, Keyser, Shubb, etc. Drop D, Cut Capo included. 2) Metal slide. 3) Glass Slide w/pouch. 4) Snark clip-on tuner (needs battery). 5) Dunlop, mic stand pick holder. 6) Black zippered mic pouch to hold everything. ***Strap...
  3. J

    Sold Quad Set of Electro Harmonix 6V6 Power tubes, Weber Bias Rite, assorted preamp tubes.

    SOLD! 1) Matched quad of EH 6V6 power tubes (new from Tube Depot). 2) Weber Bias Rite (single). 3) 2 x Chinese 12AT7 4) JJ 12AT7 5) Jan/Phillips 12AT7WC 6) EH 12AT7WC
  4. J

    Sold Complete Pedalboard Making Kit - Includes over 30 solderless Bill Lawrence plugs, cable, velcro, etc

    SOLD Selling a grab bag of goodies left over from my pedalboard assembly days. Will include a 1 SPOT adapter. Includes: 1) Over 30 Bill Lawrence Wilde Cable solderless short plugs with cable cutter. (If you know what these are, this are amazing! These are worth the $100 alone). 2) Several...
  5. J

    Sold Custom 2002 Taylor 810C Acoustic Guitar - Engelmann Spruce Top - K&K PWM Pickups

    Up for Sale is an exquisite custom ordered 2002 Taylor 810C not 810 or 810CE. I am the original owner and have taken great care of this guitar, I absolutely love it. The only reason I am selling this guitar is to help fund the publishing cost of my first book which will be out this year. $1,849...
  6. J

    Sold Golden Age Neck Humbucker, A2 Mag, Nickel-silver Cover, SOLD

    StewMac Golden Age, Vintage Spec Neck Humbucker, Alnico 2 Mag, 7.34k, vintage braid wire, Nickel-Silver Cover, SOLD
  7. J

    Lyric + Sunrise????

    Do you have any sound clips? Most of the Lyric clips I've heard were rather bright, thin and bordered on being harsh.
  8. J

    Post photos of your one sub PA setup.

    Considering adding a sub to my 2 x 12" mains. What configuration do you use and what does it look like live?
  9. J

    Anyone own Yamaha DSR112's?

    Unlike the QSC series which uses pretty much the same driver, amp, components for the K & KW series (only difference being the wood cabinet); the Yamaha DSR's use totally different drivers and a stronger, more powerful amp than the DXR series in addition to being a wood cabinet.
  10. J

    Anyone own Yamaha DSR112's?

    I prefer different speakers for different source material. The DXR12 I have sounds great with recorded music. The KW122 has some lower mids missing or something, so much of the upper mids come from that huge dispersion horn. But with live acoustic guitar, the DXR sounds processed, the ELX112p...
  11. J

    Anyone own Yamaha DSR112's?

    Been testing, comparing Mackie, EV, QSC and Yamaha mains. I've heard the DSR's but only against the K12 and PRX612. Others I've been trying out this week are the EV ELX112p, ZLX12p, DXR12 and KW122. Any thoughts on the DSR112....I'm ready to make a decision here.
  12. J

    Affordable PA for solo acoustic

    Do you need one or two mains? I would check out the Line 6 Stagesource above all the others in that style (Fishman, Fender, Bose, etc.). L2t/L2m, L3t/L3m. Other than that, I highly recommend the Yamaha DXR series. The Yamaha DXR/DSR powered speakers are the best sounding...
  13. J

    Anyone own any powered 3-ways?

    Griggster, That has been an underlying issue in my mind. With all the 2-way options and various colorations...a 3-way with it's 2 crossover points seems to only complicate the design. But I've yet to hear a 3-way in person.
  14. J

    Anyone own any powered 3-ways?

    Just looking to start some discussion on 3-way powered speakers. I'm in the market but have not totally committed to going 3-way...yet. Mackie HD1531 EV ETX35P JBL PRX735 QSC KW153 Line 6 L3t/m Carvin TRx1253A Others?
  15. J

    EV ELX112P or QSC K12 ?

    I've demo'd the K12's numerous time in various stores and it's hit or miss for me. I prefered the K12 over the PRX612 last year. Recently thought, I had a chance to hear the K12, DSR12, ZLX12 and PRX712 all together. Let's just say the K12 didn't fair that well in those comparisons. I...

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