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Recent content by Jaredt771

  1. J

    What's the consensus on Nu-X pedals?

    Buy the Tape Core Deluxe. Seriously great pedal!
  2. J

    Too much dirt?

    I currently am using quite a few, but I like having options. Boss CP1X + Menatone red snapper is always on. Then it goes into an EHX Tri Parallel mixer which has: Barber Gain Changer SR EHX Hot Tubes Empress Germ Drive Out of the mixer into a Fulldrive 2 V2 and then finished off with a...
  3. J

    Really Really Really good albums that were followed up by an absolute STINKER ?

    Anberlin: Cities: Phenomenal New Surrender: MEHHHH
  4. J

    Which THREE guitarists have influenced your guitar style and way of thinking ?

    1. Nigel Hendroff 2. Tim Mctague 3. Joey Milligan
  5. J

    Looks like Vertex got cloned by Nux...

    Lol. I love this. Hey if this is anywhere near as good as the Tape Core Deluxe then I should check it out!
  6. J

    What are your Favorite Pedal Buys of 2020,,, so far

    Echosystem. Gain Changer SR. EHX Tri-Parallel Looper. VHT Valvulator I
  7. J

    Thinking About Going HX Stomp Route

    I run a pretty massive pedalboard into an hx stomp. I run it with two amps/IRs and it really sounds wonderful. I highly recommend the pedals + hx stomp combo.
  8. J

    Well I sold all my pedals for a BOSS GT-1000

    I’ve done this too - now I have the best of both worlds. I run a pedalboard into an HX Stomp and am pretty darn happy with it!
  9. J

    VHT Valvulator I (Original) - Buffer Died But Power Outlets Still Work?

    Please forgive the necro bump, but I just got one of these off of Reverb and I've noticed that the tube does not glow the entire time that my board is on. I've replaced the tube with another 12AX7 and it still does this. Is this normal? It still passes signal to my effects, tuner on output B...
  10. J

    Free the Tone Ambi Space for Worship

    Trailblaze your own sonic path my friend! I, too, fell into the trap of having to have the Stryfecta and I hated it. It did something to my dry signal I didn’t like and they are not “true” stereo, but rather sum to mono and then mixed back in stereo. Currently I am using the Red Panda Context V2...
  11. J

    Gear you don’t like, but can’t get rid of because you’re “supposed” to like it..

    I kept a Timeline for months because I primarily play church music and thought I had to have it
  12. J

    new colors - Secret Preamp

    Gosh those are horrible. I much prefer the standard grey...and yes i know the grey is available.
  13. J

    Sleeper Pedals

    The NUX Tape Core Deluxe is freaking incredible. To add to this thread: VHT V-Drive Empress Germ Drive
  14. J

    VHT releases D-Style FET 'Clean Boost's effect pedal

    I’ve been wanting to try this ever since I got the VHT V-Drive. I adore that pedal and my Special 6 amp, so will definitely be giving this one a go
  15. J

    Eventide Timefactor- Lord this thing is complex!

    Hey man, sorry if you got offended. Definitely wasn’t my intent, I was more speaking to the ease of use compared to other “super delays” on the market. I love the Timefactor and still remember quite a lot about it. If you have any specific questions about it, I’d love to help in any way I can.