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    FS Rivera M-60 combo (South Jersey)

    These amps are a total sleeper. They have tons of great tones, are crazy good bang for the buck and built like tanks! If you were in Oregon, I would buy it! Someone should grab this beast!
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    Sparkly guitars - Let's see 'em!

    Ball Family Reserve Cutlass
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    Fender Custom Shop Love & Appreciation Thread

    Limited Edition Tomatillo Strat,70th Anniversary Broadcaster, GT11 Tele, GT11 Strat NOS
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    Sold Mesa/Boogie Widebody 1x12 Cab PENDING

    Crazy low price on a killer 112!
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    NGD - Custom Shop Broadcaster! But have questions

    I have the same guitar and it is awesome guitar for sure. If you like it, I would make sure you can source another one before you send it back. Sweetwater does not have anymore and I imagine most have been sold since they were a limited run from a year or so ago. MF screwed up, but they will...
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    NGD: Gibson Custom Les Paul R8 1958 Reissue VOS Lemon Burst 2021

    Beautiful guitar!! Jrockett "the Dude" sounds awesome with the Princeton
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    Teh monster “wish I still had this amp “ thread

    1992 SLO with matching cab.
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    Teh monster “wish I still had this amp “ thread

    My xtc 100b serial number 001 (--/). a Komet 60, and all the vintage Marshalls. Plus several others..
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    Congrats! Awesome guitar! I have that exact same guitar and it is a real winner. 7lb 13 ounces of Gold top/P90 goodness.
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    Talk me out of a Mesa Mark V:25 Combo

    They are good amps and surprisingly compact and lightweight. Lots of bang for buck... I had one while I was living on a sailboat and it fit the bill nicely given its tiny footprint and wide range of tones. ( About 2/3 the size of a Princeton reverb) Lots of pretty good sounds and very...
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    SLO 100 vs 20th Anniv Shiva vs Mark V

    I used to have way too many amps and was always trying new stuff. I had the Mark V 90 watter twice. Great amp! But I am more of a Marshall, Bogner,Soldano guy and always gravitate to them. I sold most of all my gear about 4 years ago to convert my house into a duplex. I bought a sailboat and...
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    Bruno Amp Thread

    I had a Leadman 100 and it was excellent. It was voiced similar to an SLO 100 and was one of the better sounding amps I have ever owned. I guy I was playing with at the time ( over 10 years ago) still comments on that amp. It was his favorite of all including the SLO, XTC 100b, Shiva, 2...
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    SLO 100 vs 20th Anniv Shiva vs Mark V

    I have owned all these amps and they are all good choices but very different. .. SLO is my favorite of the 3. The Cleans are very underrated but not a dedicated clean channel because it is shared with the crunch channel ( aka the Normal Channel). Both the Boogie and the Shiva have great...
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