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Recent content by jawajt

  1. jawajt

    What’s in the mail? Vinyl, CDs, etc.

    I’m anxiously waiting for my vinyl copy of the new Hum record. I have the digital version. And if it sounds that good in my car, I can’t wait to hear how it sounds on vinyl. For those of you waiting on the Wildflowers reissue, you’re in for a treat. Listened to the vinyl this weekend, and it...
  2. jawajt

    Any Shoegaze Fans?

    This is another band that definitely had some shoegaze influences. They weren’t around long, but I listen to their EP constantly. They were called Mellonova.
  3. jawajt

    Any Shoegaze Fans?

    Totally agree with this. This album had the potential to be a real letdown, but it came out amazing. I saw them twice, touring for this record, and they sounded fantastic. Apparently, they’re in the studio now, working on a new album. Can’t wait.
  4. jawajt

    another U2 reish

    This may be my favorite song of theirs, which I first heard on the Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack. All That You Can’t Leave Behind is a great album. Hard to believe it’s been around 20 years.
  5. jawajt

    Any Shoegaze Fans?

    Big shoegaze fan, especially Slowdive. Loved their last album, and I’m excited that they’re working on a new one. I’m never quite sure if shoegaze is the same as dream pop, but I really dig some of those bands, like Cocteau Twins. Beach House is a cool, more recent shoegaze/dream pop band.
  6. jawajt

    One Hit Wonders

    Was going to post this one. Despite the "dated" references at the end, I think this is one of the greatest pop songs ever written. Awesome song. I love that whole album.
  7. jawajt

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    It’s great, especially after I added a roller bridge. I really dig that guitar.
  8. jawajt

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    It’s funny, because I wanted a Pelham Blue Firebird VII for years. But when I happened upon the Tikibird in my local store, I immediately dug it. I got the SG a few months ago. It does look great in Pelham Blue. I also really like the 50th anniversary Pete Townsend SG, which is white with P90s.
  9. jawajt

    Would you buy an SG or a Firebird?

    Like this?;) Clearly, I couldn’t choose between the two.
  10. jawajt

    What is the best online source for vinyl LPs?

    I get a lot from Elusive Disc, if my local shop doesn’t have it.
  11. jawajt

    Favorite Lineup of Bands who Changed Members

    The Roots with Kamal on keys and Leonard Hubbard on bass. The Brand New Heavies with N’Dea Davenport on vocals. The Drive-By Truckers with Jason Isbell The Byrds with Gram Parsons Foo Fighters with Chris Shifflett
  12. jawajt

    Took a great shot of the "Gear Corner" - share yours too!

    My corner has gotten some additions and subtractions, since my last post. Added the SG and Blueshawk. I also redid my amp setup with two lovely Carr combos.
  13. jawajt

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    Yes, and that's my favorite song on it. So good. :aok
  14. jawajt

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    I can think of quite a few: And Your Bird Can Sing--Revolver Run For Your Life—Rubber Soul Gods Of War—Hysteria In God’s Country and Red Hill Mining Town—Joshua Tree Surf Wax America-The Blue Album Once—Ten Drain You—Nevermind He Can Only Hold Her—Back To Black Flute Loop—Ill Communication...
  15. jawajt

    Analog Delay Recommendations

    The ML2 is a great pedal. I still have one in my collection of delays. The only "downsides" to that pedal are the power requirements and the modulation might be too subtle for some folks. Still a beautiful sounding delay though.

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