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    When did (Usable) Gain Peak?

    I agree with Diezel as the end of the line for built in gain. Pedals don't weigh so much....
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    Amps that are timeless

    I think certain tweed and brown era Fender amps are very fine. Originals are very old now, so clones and modernized versions are important products. If you had a 1968-ish Marshall (1987) 50W or a 66-ish JTM-100, I think you'd be very impressed. The Vox is a good sounding but perversely built...
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    So your question is really about the binding: Unless you want to replace it, you're probably not going to find a stripper that won't melt it. IIRC, they did have a JL version that came either stripped or clear. Find someone to trade? As to where to play it, I don't have an issue with wild...
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    CTS Push/Pull Pots in an SG

    Here's my...hmm...idea. I have played around with it a lot, and I prefer Series-Parallel to coil split. That requires a DPDT. This is very good news and I'm happy with Mojo as a vendor.
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    Guitar player has question for Bassists re: speakers

    Forgive me if this has been said -- speakers are often for monitoring your bass sound, not pushing sound off the stage. In this era, you need a direct solution, which may be terribly simple, like a DI box or a tech21 pedal. OP -- look at bass cabinets at Avatar to get the idea of what's...
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    Paint on el-84s?

    Is the condition of the paint important, expecially in a Vox, which runs hot anyway? I've got some JJ's that have gone almost all the way from orange to white. Note: no tube tester and covid issues, so I can't use a friend's.
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    Correct add9 chord formula?

    There's a piece of this that's both horrifying and explains a lot: X+9 could be an augmented chord or an add9! Ouch! I guess you only know based on context? As to the guy who's not familiar with add9, I would guess the uses are from the folk world where you stick your ring finger down on D...
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    Blue + Green in AC30?

    Assuming it's still available, the goto combo was the Anniversary 30 and the Blue.
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    Celestion (Creamback - V30) vs Eminence (Wizard - Swamp Thang) comparison video

    I'm recommending Creambacks to customers...65 or 75 depending on desired brightness.
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    Guitar strap for epiphone les paul custom?

    The OP post is you need straploks, or just something that doesn't slide around? Levy's tends to be reasonable and they're on Amazon. If the guitar is heavy, I'd be looking at a wider (3") strap, leather, rough interior.
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    Buying used pedals - ancient batteries left in the battery compartment

    eew...the Post Office would prefer that batteries not be shipped. Seems obvious why.
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    Best strat pickups?

    Rabbit hole...don't overthink it. I have both normal strat and EMG guitars. The P&W world tend towards jangle which can be achieved in a lot of ways...mostly low output, which EMGs are actually. The DG set does not really sound very stratly, however, it drives effects wonderfully.
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    OD for strat

    Flexibility points to a used Barber DD or DDSS which have internal trimpots which ime, yield the tones promised in the manual. In truth, were I your pal, I would loan you several pedals and let you figure out what suits you. I have Klone, Zendrive etc. pedals. All good, yet tone will always...
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    Pulling two tubes from a Twin Reverb?

    Not trying to pick an argument on this day, however, the OP needed a smaller amp. It's a little like Turkey Bacon. I think bacon should be bacon and if you don't want that, eat turkey and get great tasting turkey, not turkey that tastes like the thing you're avoiding. Hope that makes sense.