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    Who owns a Dr Z Jetta?

    I tried lots of speakers in my Cure and settled on a WGS ET-90. it's just perfect for that amp.
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    Dr Z Cure right for my needs?

    I bet you are chompin at the bit to try it! Interested to know what you think of it.
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    Dr Z Cure right for my needs?

    Has it arrived yet??
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    Dr. Z Cure - who's rockin' one?

    Interesting thanks for the reply. Glad you found your amp! The reason I asked is that I thought the same as you abt the harshness. I put a wgs et90 in the Cure and it sorted it right out.
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    Dr. Z Cure - who's rockin' one?

    What did you do in the end?
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    Does Every Good Guitarist own a Strat?

    I have strats for all occasions; 1. S/S/S (The bridge pup has a metal base like Tele pups) 2. S/S/H The H is a PAF - Fender spaced by Radioshop 3. Billy Corgan strat - These single coil sized buckers sound more open than normal buckers and less compressed. Really great pups and just a great...
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    Dr Z Cure right for my needs?

    Have a look at Blackstar Artist amps for great boutique tone pedal platforms. You get a lot for your money with them.
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    Has anyone seen these new Larry Carlton signature Sire guitars?

    I am super keen to get hold of a 'Gibson'ish' scale S type axe. I have a few strats and 2 Les Pauls. I prefer strats overall for my style of playing. but.. man can I rip on my Les paul's. I find the shorter scale easier with my medium length fingers and i am more accurate because of it. I...
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    Has anyone seen these new Larry Carlton signature Sire guitars?

    Music Man are bringing out a 24 3/4 budget/mid prices S type guitar too this year. Go to 14:38
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    New Dr Z - the Jetta (?)

    Well there you go.. the UK will have to wait unfortunately. it's OK though as I recently picked up a SV20C for £600 new and it is sublime! :)
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    What's your favorite fender and plexi in one box amp?

    Marshall SV20 IMO a 'better' clean that a fender and 1959 Plexi tones - all tones avail from your vol knob with out touching the amp. Amazing amp.. it really is.
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    Marshall SV20C (Studio vintage combo)

    Hi all, Has anyone got one of the Studio Vintage combos with the 10" V-Type? I have seen a few posts on the head but haven't found any feedback on the forum re the combo. That guy from Premier Guitar seemed to like the one he was demo'ing a lot. I am wanting the combo rather than the head...
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    New Dr Z - the Jetta (?)

    Wow, Peach in the UK are selling the Jetta for £1500! Christ what a rip off (due to the fact they are £1100 in the USA). I will be waiting until other shops stock them as I imagine most other people will in the UK. Dammed shame only Peach seem to have these at the moment.
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    TS variants for a shootout

    My favorite hands down is my Keeley TS9DX Flexi. It covers everything from TS9/808 up to hard rock, essentially 8 pedals in one. You see a few up for sale second hand here and there. Honestly the best pedal I have ever bought and it will never leave my pedal board.
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    Fender BJ / 6p14p-EV Gold Grid EL84's

    I would like to try these in my Junior as I have had them lying around for a while. Currently I have Groove Tube (4's) Can I just swap them out or do I need to take the amp to a tech to get it re biased? Thanks