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    Country Guitar Who to listen to

    The above plus Clarence White
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    Volume levels in today's scene

    I've been at 12-22W for years. Princeton non-verb - DRRI - Magic Brit - AST Pro - AC15. Always asked to turn down with volume on 9 - 10 o'clock. That's one reason why I use a AC15C1 most of the time. The boutique amps aren't worth it if you can't get them to where they shine. I'm even...
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    How much were Pre-CBS Fenders selling for in the US in the early 1980s?

    I used to get the newsletters from Gruhns and Guitar Trader (?? - the one in NJ that was a big dealer). My recollection is a maple board Strat was $1700-2500 back then, '57 were the most desirable. Slab board Strats were $995, generally. Of course, back then a '59 LP was $2750-4500 depending...
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    80s AVRI vs the Real Deal

    I've played a ton of vintage and RI Strats. 80's ones were heavy with thin p'ups and thins necks. I don't particularly like them although the sea foam green color was great (wrong, but great). My best one o had was a late 80's CAR that, supposedly was once owned by Seymour Duncan. Otherwise...
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    What speaker is in your Deluxe Reverb?

    DRRI - Gold.
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    Did you ever have an amp, guitar or effect(s) quit on you in the middle of a gig?

    I had a capictor blow in an OD pedal once resulting in thunder-like sound effects through my amp. I unhooked everything and went straight to the amp. Not sure if it was related, but I never got hired by that singer again. Too bad she was really good. I've had cables start to go bad, but I...
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    NAD: AC15

    I picked up a used one a couple of weeks ago. I like it, but I'm still tweaking. So far, I replaced the tubes, speaker wire, put in a Scumnico that I had lying around, and changed the reverb tank to a MOD unit ($18 plus shipping). I like the reverb a lot better, but may have gone for a short...
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    1x12, el84, "back friendly" combo alternatives to Vox AC30 for gigs?

    I used an AC30HH with one Gold. Dirt from pedals. EF86 channel was epic. But, I've moved to AC15 type amps. With the 30, it was *barely* on and everyone was telling me to turn down...sigh.
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    What is the favorite acoustic that you've ever played?

    Tough call. Probably a toss up between a Rockbridge 'hog dread I tried at a store in Austin and a sunburst Collings CJMhSSG (if I got that right....haha) that I tried at a store in Phoenix. Luckily, I've got a H&D TDM that is pretty dang close to those two in terms of mind-blowing tone.
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    Overdrives for Telecaster into Fender Blackface amps.

    I haven't read through the whole thread, but I'm getting fantastically great tones from a Bearfoot SYOD1 into a DRRI w/Celestion Gold. Mids up, treble down, gain at 50%, volume to be taste, back off the volume a bit for Stones-ish rhythm. Rawkin' country band.
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    Fender Cunetto Nocaster pickup question

    I had an early '95 Nocaster. The bridge pickup measured around 7.5K. I believe the current set closest to the original p'ups in mine is the Twisted Tele neck/Broadcaster bridge.
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    Vox Pathfinder as backup gigging amp?

    I've gigged with one as a duo. I also used it for practice with a previous band and for jamming with friends. In those situations the volume is under control, but I also don't have it up too loud. I've taken it as a backup on out of town gigs, so I assumed it would work.
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    ne King Imperial II

    The other key is to play it at 70% or more on the volume control. I had a early to mid 90's Imperial...hated the lead channel until I went to a really loud jam and cranked it. Then, it was, "holy smokes, now I understand!" But, that was LOUD. My Imperial was probably even brighter than the...
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    ne King Imperial II

    Dang...someone hide my credit card! This could be close to my perfect amp and one where I could dump the pedalboard.