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    Blues jr question

    I did a very affordable "Blackface mod" and put the C.Rex in mine...every time I bring to jam or small gig, at least one person offers to buy it from me for waaay more than I spent. No s**t...it's weird! My wife and I have an ongoing joke about it now.
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    Robben Ford & Little Walter Amps

    Ford sounds like Ford regardless. I've seen him many times...Boogie, Deluxe Rev, Twin, Evil Twin, Super Rev, Dumble...maybe others. He sounded the same every time...AMAZING!
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    Favorite grooves to play w/just you and a drummer? (no bass player)

    Screaming Headless Torsos...another Sucka
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    Rolling Stone's 500 Worst Reviews of All Time

    They hated ELP...I loved ELP...ipso facto...F RS.
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    Need Examples of Heavy Blues Strat Players/Sounds

    Scott Henderson Mike Landau Ken Talve Oz Noy Alex Machacek Greg Howe Not all blues all the time, but when they go blue...it's heavy.
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    2012 ES-339 - yay or nay?

    I really liked mine BUT...be aware...if you like to play very high up on the neck, the space between the body horn and next is very tight. There were certain things that I had to play around cuz my hand wouldn't fit. Other than I...loved it.
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    Tele Wiring...bad pot?

    That's lug 1...top...it is. The diagram in post #3 (link below) is what I'm doing. https://www.tdpri.com/threads/best-wiring-diagram-for-standard-modern-wiring.431373/
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    Tele Wiring...bad pot?

    The cap is running from the V case...to lug 1 (top)...to lug 2 (middle) of the tone pot. And...thanks for responding!
  9. J

    Tele Wiring...bad pot?

    Hey All, Wiring a Tele, nothing fancy...3-way....033...that's it. Sounds great...but...volume control does nothing. It's just sitting there. Give it a spin and...zip...full volume only. Here's the anomaly that may be diagnostic (to a smart person...not to me)...the jack hot is supposed to go...
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    Strat Bushing Help Please

    Not locking...and actual Japan stamped Gotohs.
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    Strat Bushing Help Please

    .272 inches on my micrometer...for the post....just over 1/4:mad:.
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    Strat Bushing Help Please

    That is the issue...1/4 ID...these Gotohs have a post diameter bigger than that. I went ahead and shimmed the included bushings. Came out fine. It's just aggravating that it's such a PITA to find a part that must be a common need.
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    Strat volume pot

    Short answer...yes...you can. I'd definitely not use a cheap Alpha, but if you have another CTS or Bourns lying around of the value you want...yup...use it. I agree...keep stuff out of landfills whenever possible...cheap or not!
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    Strat Bushing Help Please

    I am installing Gotoh vintage style tuners on a HWY Strat neck with stock Fender Pings. The Gotoh bushings...too small for the peg holes. I tried a set of conversion bushings...too big. I have no issues reaming, but...ID is too small for the Gotoh posts. So...other than shimming the Gotoh...
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