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    Rack Power Amp

    Well, I was in a similar situation, albeit I play pedal steel in a country context (not rock/metal). In my case, I found a transparent solid state power amp worked out just fine and didn't diminish the tubey goodness of my preamp (in my case, a Sarno Octal V8, sometimes a Mesa Studio Preamp)...
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    PRS Amps - What's Up?

    I had the 2-Channel Custom 50w head back in 2013. I liked it a lot, but I was running pedal steel and guitar into the same amp in a rock context at the time, and the cleans didn't translate to pedal steel well imho. Ergo, I ended up moving on. The cleans were very Hitwatt'ish imo. Nice feature...
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    Why so much PRS hate?

    Haven't read the thread yet - just giving you my $0.02. I love my PRS (S2 Mira - plays awesome, sounds great, I use it in my country band!). But whether intentional or not, the PRS brand became associated (here at least) with fairly wealthy hobby players. I'm pretty sure PRS themselves intended...
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    Kemper cleans are amazing. You're doing it wrong.

    Ditto here. I run my pedal steel through my Kemper using the Dr. Z Surgical Steel profile. I'd put it up against the Twin I used to run any day.
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    playing guitar while high?

    Prediction: You're going to get tons of replies from people who played stoned then heard it later and thought it was sloppy. Problem: some of the most memorable and beautiful music ever recorded was recorded while the artist was stoned and/or drunk. And it stands up. That doesn't mean you...
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    STEEL PANTHER Drummer Defends '***** Melter' Distortion Guitar Pedal: We 'Will Not Be Told What To S

    Ah, the old Ryan Holiday "outrageous promotion to sell product" move. Well played.
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    Was Prince a great guitarist

    This is the proper response! I hereby award you "Honorary Mpls Citizen for Life". If you swing by our state I'll make sure you get free Surly beer, hot dish and lefse any time you want.
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    Why 'Rock' is dead for the mainstream masses today. My theory

    (I bolded that line, fyi) Personally, I can't start from that assumption, and it doesn't seem (to me at least) that you argued for that supposition. I mean, this is just a fun board to shoot the s#!t with each other, so no big deal. But my own (anecdotal) experience suggests the exact opposite...
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    Kemper: Make Me A Believer

    Don't know if this will help @ShreddyKrueger, but it at least might help someone else in a similar circumstance. I got interested in the Kemper because I eventually got "twin reverb" fatigue, despite the great tone. I play pedal steel btw. Friend in my band loved the Kemper (though it ended up...
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    Quitting a Band.....what makes you do it?

    Lots of legit reasons I agree with already brought up. I'll throw out one I don't see mentioned often enough: the band rehearses too much, using platitudes to justify the inordinate amount of time spent on group rehearsals ("We gotta get tight man!"). Don't get me wrong. If we're talking about...
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    I listened to new country

    I dig that song. Bonus: the steel player got featured too (as a steel player I appreciate that). I've been playing in pop-country cover groups for awhile, especially after a stint doing Americana stuff (which i still love). At first, I was all about "I don't actually like this music, I just...
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    Rackmounted multiple inputs

    Howdy all, This has to exist... but I can't figure out what it's called - hoping y'all can help. I'm looking for a rack mountable input switcher. Something akin to the Radial BigShotIO stomp box, whereby you can have two instruments and switch between them with a button. Context: I play a...
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    "Running" a band

    I only quoted that word because I suspect it's going to help you the most. What changed between when this started and now? Maybe you're just dealing with normal/typical burnout, and what was an acceptable state of affairs in the beginning of things isn't truly sustainable over a long period...
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    A guitar great you don't connect with?

    Jerry Garcia. I like his bluegrass banjo/folk/Dawg-grass stuff with folks like Tony Rice and David Grisman. I even like his pedal steel playing (which, as a pedal steel player, for some reason our community usually hates his playing). But his guitar playing, while not bad at all, doesn't...
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    Why is this amp very popular?

    100% agree. Only us pedal steel player are weird and often complain about stuff analogous to carrying sheetrock in a Corvette.
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