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    What genre of playing is this?

    thank you, that is a great thread with good info
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    What genre of playing is this?

    stumbled across this tasteful playing in a Fender youtube ad, really enjoyed it. What genre of playing would you call this? Any relevant TrueFire courses you would recommend for this type of playing? thank you
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    Recommendation for R&B/Rhythm Guitar styles

    hi guys, took some time off from guitar and would love to get back into it. skill level intermediate / advanced-intermediate. was hoping you guys could recommend me some books to practice an R&B style rhythm guitar. chord progressions with connecting licks in between. Learning theory behind it...
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    Most secure guitar rack?

    happy thanksgiving everyone need recommendations on the most secure floor guitar rack. Hanging my guitars on the wall is not an option due to limited wall space. Need room for at least 3 guitars, preferably 5 my googling suggests the hercules rack is the best reviewed one, but the lack of...
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    Best baritone in the $400 range?

    i've been looking a lot into baritones and around that price range it seems to be: (used price, more or less) PRS SE Mushok ESP LTD EC-401B Ibanez Baritone RGIB6 Fender Baritone Tele Schecter Hellraiser C-VI Schecter Ultra VI Schecter Hellcat VI i personally like the PRS or ESP the best out...
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    NGD: PRS SE Zach Myers Signature (with a great story + pics + video)

    VERY nice top on that ZM! congrats
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    PRS SE Zach Myers Signature 2014

    now that it's been out for a while ... does anyone know of drop-in locking tuners that DONT have vintage buttons? i dont know why but i really dislike vintage buttons. I see the Gotoh SD90 vintage locking tuners that are drop in have vintage buttons on the 3+3 version but regular buttons on...
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    DigiTech RP360XP

    just FYI for anyone who cares, i asked Digitech support (who replied VERY quickly) and they said YES, you can use bass guitar with the RP360 to record, and they recommended using the Bassman amp model as a starting point
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    DigiTech RP360XP

    really dumb question, but i can use the RP360 to record bass guitar too, right? not really liking the virtual instruments / using my keyboard to make bass lines in my DAW. plus it'd give me an excuse to buy my first bass :)
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    DigiTech RP360XP

    can someone help a person new to recording? have a RP360, and mixcraft 6. Guitar to RP360 input, and RP360 USB to computer. Nothing else from RP360 (except power supply). Now in Mixcraft 6, I can't record my guitar UNLESS my "Playback Output" is set to my RP360. If I set it to my...
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    Ebay guitar search clarity

    yup, this is the way. However, I've seen quite a few listings that would be written something like this: "Fender American Stratocaster NOT SQUIER! " and that search w/ "-squier" would omit that listing. So just know you might be missing on some auctions
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    Ship more than one guitar in same box?

    if all three guitars were in their own boxes (and then put in one very large box), i think it would be fine. if i understand it correctly, two of the guitars will be in their own boxes with a third semi-hollow in a gig bag, sandwiched in between the two other boxes? That doesnt sound good to...
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    9's vs 9.5s vs 10's on a Strat?

    i like the way 9s feel on a 25.5". (standard tuning) Side question --> given the above, what guage would feel similar in D standard tuning? 9.5 or 10s?
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    Did Eric Johnson get a "new" 1954 Stratocaster?

    whoa, i own "what separates me from you." good band! good for you and your son!!!!
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    Recently bought guitar showing up in Guitar Center used --- something fishy going on?

    the salesperson i'm talking to via email (the GC that has the guitar is in another state) wasnt the one who did the trade in with the original owner, and all he can tell me is that the "guitar is in like-new condition and still has the plastic on the pickguard." :dunno the suggestion of a...