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    TC Electronic Lo-Fi Toneprint?

    Never mind. I found a couple. But if anyone has a favorite, feel free to chime in.
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    TC Electronic Lo-Fi Toneprint?

    Anyone have (or know of) a TC Flashback lo-fi delay tone print? Just sold my Flashback x 4, and I'd like to put a lo-fi tone print in one of my alter ego x 4 tone print slots, if possible. I searched online the other day, but didn't find a match. I think TC's TP page sucks, frankly. As I was...
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    Line 6 DL4 MkII

    @Digital Igloo : Any chance you could request that a more extended range could be added to either the Vintage Delay or the Lo Res algorithms? I have another manufacturer's pedal, and the "Degrade" setting produces high-pitched overtones at the more extreme settings. I don't know what to call it...
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    FS Source Audio True Spring Reverb + footswitch

    Bump. Deco was listed yesterday, but it sold, so I took it out of the ad. Just the True Spring is available.
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