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    Not-so-subtle dig at Jimmy Page - yay or nay?

    That was the coolest thing I've seen from either of those guys in awhile. Beck was intoned to the vocal perfectly, and sounded like a blues harp. Amazing.
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    “Home by the Sea”- Do you know what it’s about?

    I would say inspired by Peter Gabriel, The Intruder.
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    Did Rory, or Keith, or Eric, or Stevie, or Jimi fuss over the weight of their Strats?

    Weight is one thing, but how did they bend strings on a 7.25 radius? 8)
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    TGP Cliche's

    Doing some "tube rolling".
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    R.I.P. Fender American Vintage series (1982-2017)

    What would be a dead giveaway, regarding serial numbers, etc?
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    R.I.P. Fender American Vintage series (1982-2017)

    I found an AV '65 Strat, but he said it was built in 2019. Is that possible?
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    Which Celestion is the Weber Silver Bell...

    It took me ages to break in my Weber AlNiCo Silver Bell. But now, its starting to rattle and buzz. Looks like a recone is in order.
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    John Syke's modded JCM800, I have never heard such a unique amp.

    Who was it from Whitesnake that was using Peavey VTMs?
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    Dough Aldrich

    I just realized...if Judge Jeanine Pirro sang, she'd be RJD. OMG
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    Aerosmith: Night In The Ruts- Stud, Dud, Or Meh?

    I bought this when it came out, and played it for awhile. Haven't heard it since. I remember it rocked ok.
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    Weber Silver Bell Speaker Question

    Jeez, It's only been 9 years? The Silver Bell has finally given up. Lots of high end fizz; sounds like a recone. Amp still sounds great.
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    Am I the only one who thinks that "Layla" by D.A.T.D. has an ugly guitar sound?

    Thank you. I'm surprised none of the experts and apologists had mentioned this! I remember buying a remastered cd for a friend as a gift. We played it, and it still sounded horrible. There is a clip of Layla as a demo on youtube, at correct speed. And it sounds much better! Many songs coming...
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    Fender CS Tele with "loaded" pups. Uggh. And vintage vs CS Teles.

    And one piece body?? Thing of beauty.
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    I need a low efficient speaker for 66 pro reverb

    How does the Emi Red, White & Blues speaker compare to those mentioned?
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    Paul C and Stokes mod

    OMG, has it been 12 years...? With all the fear of blowing transformers, I stopped using my modded Princeton...about 12 years ago. About 13 years ago I installed the Stokes mod, and the LTP. My tastes changed, I don't run my amps quite so loud, and began using pedals again. What to use for a...
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