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  1. Jeff Michael

    I know, I know, but...is there a source for Squier parts anywhere?

    I'm jonesing for an anodized gold aluminum pickguard that will fit a '54-'56 style P bass--the contoured-body single-coil version a la the Sting signature bass. Nobody makes one! Then I see these Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass '54s on the scene. Looks like that p/g might do the trick. So my...
  2. Jeff Michael

    Will guitar based music ever come back into the mainstream?

    Guitars were fringe curiosities until Elvis. A guitar was no different from a banjo until then.
  3. Jeff Michael

    Latest on GC Bankruptcy As Reported By The N.Y. Times

    Hyman Roth has been dying from the same heart attack for the last twenty years.
  4. Jeff Michael

    Smallest change to your guitar that made a big tonal difference.

    There are two silly things I do to any Fender bass I have: replace the thumb rest/tug bar with a wooden one (usually ebony), and replace the knobs with the appropriate style Callaham deep-knurl knobs. I use the tug bar, particularly the treble-side variety, more than most people, and I like the...
  5. Jeff Michael

    How to make a P sound like an upright?

    Along with using flats, foam mutes, and rolling the tone off, I've found that the real secret to making an electric sound like an upright is plucking a lot further up from the bridge...like right over the end of the neck. Basically you want the pluck to be as close as possible to the equivalent...
  6. Jeff Michael

    Music: Bass clef question?

    Bottom to top: lines are G(ood) B(oys) D(o) F(ine) A(lways), spaces are A(ll) C(ows) E(at) G(rass). Previous poster is correct also: all sharps/flats/etc. are unchanged; they just show up on new lines and/or spaces as described above. JAM
  7. Jeff Michael

    Zeppelin: Trampled Underfoot

    Wait--what's a bad clav tune? I loved it when Terry Adams played it in NRBQ, Stevie can do no wrong (well couldn't up til 1980 or so, anyway). Who made it suck for you guys? JAM
  8. Jeff Michael

    Why do arena-touring bands still take PA gear along?

    Why not just get the stage sound right and tie it straight in to the stadium sound system? It's not like stadiums are still using the old WWII surplus rigs--last couple of times I was at a ball park I was impressed with the sound, to tell you the truth. So why drag around all that weight? JAM
  9. Jeff Michael

    Nirvana did not single-handedly kill glam metal.

    Dude! Shhh! This is TGP! JAM
  10. Jeff Michael

    Nirvana did not single-handedly kill glam metal.

    Two words: Power ballads. JAM
  11. Jeff Michael

    Well, the trainwreck happened...

    And dumb trumps everything, period. JAM
  12. Jeff Michael

    Phantom power for active guitars--why not?

    I imagine the active electronics vendor in question would have to include something like the ART tube preamp I mentioned above that would send the phantom power and convert the output to 1/4" for the amp. JAM
  13. Jeff Michael

    Well, the trainwreck happened...

    Holy crow, that was eerie! And we're both right too. JAM
  14. Jeff Michael

    Well, the trainwreck happened...

    Good singers are a dime a dozen. Stop wasting your time. And all you guys who are thinking "put her in front of a good band and she'll wake right up to the difference" have obviously never worked with the submissive type of chick singer. This chick might not be that type, but understand that...
  15. Jeff Michael

    Phantom power for active guitars--why not?

    How come nobody's using an XLR cable and phantom power for active electronics in guitars? Think about it: no more battery compartments, no more iffy power because you forgot to change your battery...no more changing batteries period. Just drop one of those cheap little ART tube preamps onto...
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