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    Any Rickenbacker Love?

    Hipshop Ultralites on my old '67 4005WB made it balance perfectly. :aok Nice geetars, there. I used to have a '03 660/12 (MG), '07 660 (75th Anniversary-DCM), '98 360V64 (FG), and a '67 330 (FG), among other Rick guitars (and many basses).
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    The most finely crafted acoustic guitars

    Yamamotos use Cumpianos' neckbolt-on method.
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    The most finely crafted acoustic guitars

    I think Tony's timing was perfect as to his retiring, just before Covid hit. I have a MS-12 which has the same body as your baritone. Such an amazing tone from a 12-string guitar. :) A year after buying it used I bought a brand new Talus VS-12 from Tony. Both are amazing instruments. :aok
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    Thinking about going back to flatwounds again.

    TI Jazz Flats on an AV '62 Jazz Bass.
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    Best Bass Combo Amp

    You could have dusted it off before posting that photo, ya know? ;)
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    Best Bass Combo Amp

    I haven't met a Rumble I liked, either. :) :aok
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    Best Bass Combo Amp

    The best is whatever I use, for many years now it has been a Markbass Minimark. Hope this helps. ;)
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    Guitar suggestions for 30-day camping at the beach

    I have always felt the Minis to be overpriced by a couple hundred $$$ for what they are. I have played quite a few, and the bass, but never bought one for that reason.
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    What Is The Best Acoustic Bridge?

    The bridge on my Martin. :aok
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    Tuning to Offset Guitar(s)

    To paraphrase: "Use the Ears, Luke!" ;)
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    Paganini on classical guitar

    I'll get started on that right away! EDIT: spelling
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    Zero fret (open string) buzzing

    It is possible for only one or two areas of one fret to be high, especially on brand new factory-made instruments. Have you had your tech check for any high frets and level them to take care of any such issues?
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    Zero fret (open string) buzzing

    First fret of the B is high.
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    Capacitors for Bass Guitars: which capacitors are the best for bass guitars?

    Try them both and decide which you like the best. ;)
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