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Recent content by jeffinaustin

  1. jeffinaustin

    Sold Walrus D1

    Excellent condition with box. $225 shipped and paypal’d.
  2. jeffinaustin

    WTB Vb2w, Protein

    I don’t need the tap switch. Doubt you’d sell wo it?
  3. jeffinaustin

    WTB Vb2w, Protein

    Hit me up if you any of these you’re looking to sell.
  4. jeffinaustin

    Thick tone

    The Pettyjohn ROUS in swamp mode is great at that.
  5. jeffinaustin

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Been around the block the past couple of years with the King of Tone, Duellist, and RevivalDrive Compact, but ultimately landed back with the Snouse Blackbox2. Just great tone into a Princeton type amp.
  6. jeffinaustin

    WTB Basic Audio Zonk

    Hit me up
  7. jeffinaustin

    Sold Vibe Machine v2, Julia v1

    Both excellent condition with box and original contents. Price includes shipping and PayPal. Vibe Machine - sold Julia - sold
  8. jeffinaustin

    What's your favourite OD/distortion into a CLEAN Princeton?

    The Duellist is great into a PR. I recently moved from that to a Pettyjohn Rous. Really liking it.
  9. jeffinaustin

    Sold Origin Revival Drive Compact

    $280 shipped and paypal’d. Box and all original contents included.
  10. jeffinaustin

    Pettyjohn ROUS

    Seem really similar. That's why I was asking. Somebody on here always knows more than I'm able to find from googling :-)
  11. jeffinaustin

    Pettyjohn ROUS

    Ah. :-) So, does anyone know about the pedal?
  12. jeffinaustin

    Pettyjohn ROUS

    Inside joke?
  13. jeffinaustin

    Pettyjohn ROUS

    Anyone played one yet? Is it just a tweaked version of the Blakemore from a few years back or is it its own thing?
  14. jeffinaustin

    FLORENCE 1176 Optical Compressor - Cicognani engineering

    Seems odd to call it 1176 since it was fet and the la2a was opto.