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    Seattle music - What should I know?

    I used to love going to downtown Seattle or downtown Portland. Now I don't. I stay away. Olympia is as close as I'd care to be at this time... The last time? The Moore Theater in Seattle to see Robin Trower, pre-pandemic. (We still have a house in Portland, but we never go there; Doo's Donuts...
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    locking tuners and flatwounds

    A theory: It is not the fragile wrapping on the wound strings, it is the ROUND core. The wrapped wire, whether round or flat, cannot grip well on the round core wire (unlike hex core wire, where the grip is good). With locking tuners and no string wrapped around the post, the outer wire slides...
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    What things are you REALLY picky about on a guitar?

    1. How it sounds unplugged; and 2. Whether the strings ring clearly as I fret my way up the neck or buzz because the action is too low...
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    locking tuners and flatwounds

    I wish someone would tell me what I am doing wrong. I have wrecked countless wound Blues Sliders and Jazz Swings on Fender locking tuners. As soon as I start to wind the tuner, the fragile wrapping splits at the tuner, making the wound string unusable.
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    locking tuners and flatwounds

    I love TI Blues Sliders and Jazz Swings--so much so that I will replace locking tenders with regular tuners, even though I like the convenience of locking tuners. TI Blues Sliders and Jazz Swings (the wound strings) are not compatible with locking tuners. I was just reminded of this with my new...
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    Do you like 7 string guitars?

    Most of my guitars have just six strings, but I have one classical guitar that has eight strings--and I love it! I tune it just like a regular six-string guitar, but with a D just below the low E and an A below that. I rarely fret either of the two lowest strings, but I use them often as open...
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    SSS or HSS Stratocaster?

    I just bought a new Fender American Ultra HSS Strat (from Fender). I briefly wrestled with what configuration to get. However, I soon remembered that I hardly ever use a Strat single coil bridge pickup. I almost always prefer a humbucker in the bridge position of a Strat. Besides, I have a...
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    What pedal would you never under any circumstances part with?

    Mesa/Boogie V-Twin. It continues to slay all contenders, and it turns my Strats, Teles, and amps into roaring rock and metal machines.
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    Reverse Delay pedal

    I have or have had a Boss DD-20, Empress SD/VMSD, and Strymon TL. They are all good candidates.
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    Pure Nickle Strings?

    I hear what you hear, especially with the flat-wound strings I like to use. I almost wish all of the strings were wound! My solution is to lower the treble side of my pickups a bit, and then to pay attention to which strings I am using to solo. Classical and acoustic guitarists have the same...
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    Ordered a Kingsley Jouster

    Ah, the demos. Simon is a monster player. He can make anything sound great! Still, despite my limited abilities compared to Simon, my Jester is awesome, and so was my Jouster. Congrats! You should be very stoked.
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    Pedal's Power Jack Not Working

    Yes to both, but I appreciate the reminder. I think I'll just return it and get my money back. I have too many dirt pedals already!
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    Base tone: how do you get yours?

    Strat or Tele with single coils into a clean tube amp. Then, add pedals to taste. I often play finger-style and really want a clean base tone for that. If I'm feeling frisky, I'll add a dirt pedal (usually with the gain set pretty low). You can always dirty-up a clean amp, but you can't clean...
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    Pedal's Power Jack Not Working

    Will do. Thanks! This is what I was looking for. Edit: it does not appear to be due to the second or third reasons. The connections look sound. However, I cannot see the protection diode and am reluctant to do more surgery than simply removing the back. The protection diode must be on the top...
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    Pedal's Power Jack Not Working

    I just got a new Jetter Gold Standard. What a great pedal! Unfortunately, it works only on battery power. If I plug in a power supply, it stops working. Any easy fixes (other than exchanging it)?