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    MF Fender Fridays -- Thread for the latest deals

    This is killing me! I literally said to myself about an hour ago while browsing one of the guitar sites that I wouldn't be buying another Strat because I really need to sell some guitars, not buy more. I just ordered an SRV for $999. I can't for the life of my understand that discount, but...
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    Can I get a decent jazz guitar for $500 or less?

    If you can afford one of the ArtCore Customs (perhaps on ebay), they are absolutely amazing. I love them so much I've collected about seven of them. Seriously, I can't believe how good they are for twice the price.
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    NGD - USA Production Charvel

    Congrats - these are great guitars. I had the San Dimas Style 2 (Tele) and sold it. I now have a SoCal in Candy Plum (Purple) and a San Dimas Style 1 in slime green. I almost went for the yellow, but there was only one slime green left and there is just something about that color!
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    Who here has more than one of the same model guitar (e.g. strats, LP, etc..)?

    At one point I had around thirty Teles. I've sold about half of them and now have four or five Strats as well. What can I say? I'm a massive GAS sufferer!
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    So, Stratocasters, I want one! Idea's?

    +1 on the AVRI. I've owned a bunch of Strats over the years and I recently picked up an AVRI62. It is easily the best Strat I've played.
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    Bill Nash Guitars Anybody??

    I had a Nash and several CS Teles. I sold the Nash. There is no comparison in quality and playability. The Nash wasn't a bad guitar, it just can't compare to the Custom Shop.
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    Gibson man wanting to buy his first Tele...PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    The American Standard is a great place to start. I love the neck, pups and bridge. If you want more of a vintage vibe, consider either a Baja or a Classic 60's.
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    Best new Fender Tele with vintage flavor in the $500 - $1200 range?

    Blonde Baja. The neck is on the large side, which I love. Unless you have really small hands, these guitars are awesome! Great pickups as well.
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    Do any of you play only for yourself?

    I totally there. I only play around the house and am a massive GAS sufferer. I've bought two guitars... today! But I'm changing over my collection, so I guess that's okay. :messedup
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    Tried the Vintage Vibe Strat; frets are enormous; is that vintage?

    Wow - you guys are harsh! I picked up one of the 60's CV's and it is an amazingly great guitar, especially for the money. It isn't as good as my AV62, but it holds its own. I think that, if you really expect everything to be totally vintage correct for $350, you're being pretty unrealistic.
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    Eric Clapton Strat Question

    I don't have the measurements from a Clapton Strat, but Warmoth has a "Clapton" neck profile that I've used on several builds and it feels just like the signature Strat. It measures: 1st Fret - .835" 12th Fret - .910"
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    What's the most versatile electric guitar?

    The "Twisted Tele" is a neck pickup made by the Custom Shop. It comes standard in the Baja Tele and a few Custom Shop models. It is probably the best sounding Tele neck pickup I've heard yet. The Nocaster is a particular model made by the Custom Shop. It has a huge neck and they tend to be...
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    Jackson Randy Rhoads Limited Pinstripe V?

    I bought number nine of the twenty-five anniversary editions a few years ago from Ed Roman. I later sold it for a nice little profit. It was an awesome guitar, but it cost me $7000 so I was scared to play it... or touch it!
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    Guitars you've bought without ever playing: Successes and Failures

    I've bought probably forty or fifty guitars over the years from catalogs and web sites. I've only had a couple of minor problems and only sent two back (one to AMS and one to MF). Yesterday I received two new guitars from ebay and will be getting another tomorrow. I guess it boils down to...
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    A question about Ed Roman's in Las Vegas

    It was one of the Limited Edition Randy Rhoads shark fins. Jackson only made twenty-five of them and Ed had about six. When I was there, he was down to three. The first one made, the one I bought, and one that was hanging at the Hard Rock Casino. I have since sold it for a nice little...