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    Compressor Pedal for Bass

    +1 for the BBE Opto Stomp. Doesn't color your sound or suck low end as mention earlier.
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    how many basses do you have/want?

    For about 12-14 years I rotated between an American Standard Jazz, E.B. Musicman and an Ibanez ATK300 that I used for practices. I sold the Musicman a couple of years ago when temporarily quit playing. I started playing again and decided to try an American Standard P-Bass after watching...
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    Look at what I won tonight!

    Woow, that's awesome.... congratulations
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    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Got to play my first major (for me) gig with my P-Basses last week. Man, I'm loving them..... I think the sound man did to. I recorded from the mixer and there was a ton of bass in the mix :-) My only mistake may have been going to heavy on the compression. The sound was a little flattened...
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    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Well my lovely Jazz bass is gone but now I have two beautiful black American Standard P-Bass. One with a Rosewood fretboard and flats the other with a Maple board and round wound srting.
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    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    Well looks like I've found a trade for my Jazz bass. I'll miss it because it's the first good bass that I bought new. I selected it and paid extra to get a solid Ash body and clear finish (it's a beauty). But I think I'll be better served with two P-Basses. The trade will get me another...
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    P-Bass..... swweeeet

    During my last 13 year stretch of playing bass I used a Fender American Jazz with solid ash body, EB Stingray and an Ibanez ATK300 (very good bass). They are all very good basses I stopped playing bass for a couple of years and I'm just getting back into it now. I sold the Stingray (ATK300...
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    This is as old school as I can get on bass

    Congratulations Brian. Thanks for the examples of transportation methods. Maybe there is hope for me yet. I tried a fretless Musicman Sterling a while back and was actually surprised at how well things were going...... until I started to concentrate on my pitch too much. :-)
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    This is as old school as I can get on bass

    I've thought about trying one. I have a friend who's a pretty good singer and acoustic guitar player. We've played in a classic rock band but I've often thought I'd like to try some mellow stuff with him on acoustic guitar using a double bass. Just one question; how do you transport those...
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    Nuther,Nuther,Nuther, Pawnshop Score !!!

    Wooooow......... what a great deal. I'd love to try one of those.... very cool.
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    tube vs. solid state bass heads

    I think a compressor is a must with a SS amp. It smooths out the sound and also helps make sure you avoid clipping which is a sick sound with most SS amps. The dynamic response (compression) is what makes tubes so great to play through. The tube amp responds to your playing were SS just...
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    You're The One I Want--bass line

    That is a classic bass tone for sure and great bass line. For 15 years I alternated between a Jazz bass and Musicman. I had a Precision back in the mid 70's but really never cared for the sound too much. I just bought a used 2005 American Precision and immediately put flats on it. Now I'm in...
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    Let's See Your Bass Amps!!

    My current amps; 1964.... meet 2010, I gigged with this for 12 years.... too heavy now!!!
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    Jazz or P-Bass?

    I currently own both an American Standard P-bass and J-bass. For the last 12 years I played the US J-Bass, an EB Stingray and an Ibanez ATK300. The Stingray was a nice bass but I decided to sell it because the Ibanez ATK-300 was a pretty good copy of the Stingray. Actually the only time I got...
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    Show/Post Your Bass Pedalboard

    IMHO, That soundblox stuff looks pretty amazing. This is the first time I've seen this brand and it looks like good stuff for a reasonable price...... based on YouTube clips.

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