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  1. JES1680

    Case for 1930’s Gibson L-37?

    I had a 1940 L37 and kept it in a semi rigid acoustic gig bag, can't remember the brand though.
  2. JES1680

    Cold weather shipping - dont open for a day?

    My friend opened his special order Ric bass as soon as it arrived on a -10F day in MN and watched in horror as the entire finish checked. He was devastated. 40 is fine but when these things spend time below zero WAIT!
  3. JES1680

    Pickups for a Hamer Studio

    My go to is the Dimarzio 36th Aniv. By far the favorite bucker I've tried, and I've tried a LOT!
  4. JES1680

    Gibson SG guys? Question.

    It's a little weird at first. I usually use smooth nylon straps that let me move the guitar around, but on my SG because of the neck heavy aspect, I use one with a suede backing that grips my shoulder more.
  5. JES1680

    Swart AST Pro Speakers

    Interesting thread, I just picked up an STR that has a Tone Tubby ceramic in it and I love it. Haven't tried anything else yet.
  6. JES1680

    I never really liked acoustic guitars

    Hard as I tried I never bonded with accoustics. Recently sold my last one a 1941 L37 which I got a smokin deal on and was a great guitar, but I just never played it.
  7. JES1680

    Morgan AC20 speaker glued in?? (Speaker Removal Question)

    More than likely its just that the gasket has fused to the baffle. This happens a lot especially if the baffle has been cleared or painted. Many times the finish isn't fully dry when the speaker is installed, and it sticks to it. I've had more than a few amps that I've gone to swap and had to...
  8. JES1680

    Swart STR Tweed Cleans? (vs. SF Fender Musicmaster Amp)

    The cleans are pretty much in the tweed camp. More mid focused and percussive than a blackface type amp. I have an older version of the STR no extra gain stage and running a Tone Tubby speaker which keeps it cleaner / louder. Great sounding amp and sounds much bigger than you would expect.
  9. JES1680

    WTB Looking for another Kramer

    This one used to be mine. Really great guitar. Pete will ship. :) https://www.lavonnemusic.com/product/used-kramer-electric/
  10. JES1680

    Which Rosewood Necked PRS?

    Thanks everyone. Kiwi - I read through that thread good info. David M - I thought about a McSoapy, but I currently have a PRS Custom 22 3 P90 so I'm good there really looking for a humbucker. I've had a love hate thing going with PRS I like them but typically they don't stick around too...
  11. JES1680

    Which Rosewood Necked PRS?

    So I've always wanted a rosewood necked PRS, but need some help or at least opinions :) I tend to like wrap tail bridges but would be open to a PRS trem I like a big neck but not really wide think Nocaster, R4, R8, etc... I know PRS doesn't make anything that big but I played a Tremonti...
  12. JES1680

    Mesa 112 Cabinets

    I have a couple of Mesa open back 1x12s with 90's V30s that I used to make a mini stack with my JP-2c. Sound great, light and easy to move around. Don't miss having a sealed cab at all.
  13. JES1680

    Divided By 13 Small Combo

    This ^^
  14. JES1680

    Thinking of buying a vintage Boogie 1-12 combo MkI or MkIIb

    Depends on what you are looking for in the amp. Cleans I'd go I or IIb. If you are in it for the OD channel its hard to beat a MKIII for price vs capabilities. My preference is to have reverb, simu-class, and GEQ
  15. JES1680

    What Tube Amp Had The Sweetest Clean Tone You Ever Heard?

    This surprised me a bit based on the speakers, but remains my favorite. 93 Matchless Clubman>Marshall 4x12 loaded with Heritage Greenbacks and M75 Scumbacks. Guitars all sound great but my ES330 is probably tops.