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    Show your teles!

    I sold a few amps last week, so I’ve got this Suhr en route.
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    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    The best guitar I’ve ever owned.
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    Suhr Modern
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    Has anybody mixed a Creamback M65 and V30 in a 2x12?

    I have a V30/M65 combo in a Mesa horizontal compact 2x12. I use it with a Dual Rec, Bogner Shiva, and various Marshalls. It sounds great to me. I can’t tell the V30 is louder.
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    Anyone else just not a reverb person?

    I’m the exact opposite of “not a reverb person”.
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    Chase Bliss Etched Mood

    I just bought a reg Mood from CME Saturday...frick.
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    Tube Screamer Psychology

    Nobody just says “Klon” anymore?
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    Selling your spot in KoT line?

    My name came up in 2012, I didn’t order until around March of 2017. I emailed Mike and asked first.
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    MXR Clone Looper - will it’s volume knob take a foot kicking?

    You can use the MXR tap tempo switch as a remote switch for the vol knob functions too.
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    Do you remember the first Beatles song you enjoyed, or the one that got you into the Beatles?

    Helter Skelter! I couldn’t believe my ears, then I couldn’t believe my dad when he told me it was The Beatles.
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    What do you think is the BEST pedal of this decade?

    H9, El Cap, and Timeline would be near the top of my list.
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    Strymon Iridium!

    You think we’re getting two different pedals?
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    New MXR Clone Looper

    I didn’t know it had a USB port, nice.