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Recent content by JimmyR

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    Delay pedals that do NOT have linear volume repeats

    I am a delay junkie! I've had all the usual suspects and many of the less usual too! I still have my 1988 Ibanez PDM1 I bought in HK all those years ago. I've had all the Strymons ( extremely clever but boring and clinical), the various Catalinbreads (I swear I will never buy another...
  2. J

    Delay pedals that do NOT have linear volume repeats

    I second the Gekko. One of the most "organic" delays I have tried. Timeline Schmimeline! I had a Timeline for a few months. The word sterile comes to mind immediately. Clever, but too cold. The Gekko has the best, most subtle weirdness to it I have heard. I am surprised it's not a firm TGP...
  3. J

    New Fetto Maximus!

    When I use mine with my Gretsch or 335 I set the gain so that if I play gently it's almost clean. With the power switch down and power knob at around 2.00, the sound can be almost identical to bypassed if I play softly. But as I hit harder it bites more and can get surprisingly dirty. Very...
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    New Fetto Maximus!

    Oh yeah. I actually think my Maximus sounds more "amp-like" than most of my amps do when I crank them. :-) It really is my dream pedal. I play Gretsches and have a beautiful P90 335. With these guitars I can get perfectly snarling treble strings but still have "piano-like" clarity on my...
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    New Bogner Transformer pedals...so where are they?

    Oh yes, definitely. And following that logic, why spend money on an expensive amp? After all, how hard can it be to whack a few components together to make and amp? After all, we all have nice guitars.
  6. J

    Himmelstrutz Gramps+

    Mapleneck is spot-on. It's not a true FUZZ, it's a fuzz-tortion. In many ways I think it's actually a lot more useful than a straight fuzz. It is like a fuzz into an already dirty amp. I think those who don't like it were either expecting a regular fuzz or didn't try all of the options with...
  7. J

    Top 20 Boutique Pedal Makers?

    Himmelstrutz Basic Audio Um, struggling now... :-) Can I say Himmelstrutz again?
  8. J

    New Fetto Maximus!

    Yes the Power is much like Core. It acts upon the internal voltage of the pedal. And yes, the More is independent. Beautifully voiced, too. I love the Fetto, and this is simply the best one yet.
  9. J

    Himmelstrutz fetto is the best mid gain OD pedal I've ever played

    Well I like mids - Joakim thinks I like mids too much! - but I seem to like the mids knob on the Maximus at around noon - 1.00. So plenty of room to increase mids if you want. I agree re the Gramps+ - fantastic midrange. Absolutely brilliant with a Strat. I think that with a Fetto Maximus, a...
  10. J

    New Fetto Maximus!

    Oh - and I love the red. :-)
  11. J

    Marc Rutters Tele Hardware...WOW!

    Best Tele stuff I have used. Love his comp saddles. Very clever.
  12. J

    New Fetto Maximus!

    You will love it Edgie. It really is the culmination of everything good about the Fetto but made better - so easy to use and works with any of my amps. The power knob seems subtle at first but it affects feel and tightness more than just tone. It's like being able to adjust the size of your...
  13. J

    New Fetto Maximus!

    The Diablo is a great pedal, but a little soggy in the low end and not as punchy as the new Fetto Maximus. I have a Fetto Maximus and it is the best Fetto of all - and I love Fettos! The thing I particularly like is that I can get all the dirt I want with minimal compression. So it can sound...
  14. J

    Which OD/Dist pedal for tight, focused, piano-like lows?

    As a rockabilly player I really need a tight, clear low end. I have tried many, many overdrives! This is the best I have found so far - tight, clear bass strings but fat squawky trebles. Incredibly touch responsive. I usually play a Gretsch and it loves Filter'trons. But I also use a Strat...
  15. J

    Am I the only one who finds pt2399 Delays to be sterile sounding?

    I couldn't care less what chips are inside a pedal. Generalising that a PT2399 delay must be bad is silly. And a delay NOT having a PT2399 is not instantly better. I have heard many awful PT2399 delays, and some very good ones. Likewise, I find most Strymon delays to be incredibly...