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Recent content by jimshine

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    Replace fingerboard with a thicker one?

    Yeah, even if you exact the finish, odds are you will need to refin. And if you are heating the board off, you likely will have to work on the wood to prep it for a new board. Time, steam, heat, they all do things to wood. You likely will have to plane the surface perfectly flat. After all...
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    'Paypal Dispute' - Advice Appreciated

    There is no licensing in luthierie.
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    Aftermarket necks... will someone ever step up?

    A neck made with precision will require very little if any leveling and recrowning of the fret tops. The whole reason tools like neck jigs, precision milled leveling beams, etc was to apply precision to the refretting process. If you do the work to the bare wood, very little attention needs to...
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    what do you think of this as a business strategy?

    You are looking at building a luthier/tech network only comparable to Fender. Good luck with that. Then there will be the hassle of monitoring these people as you can't hand select each and every person if you plan on having these centers everywhere (people will not travel to have a guitar...
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    Roasting an already shaped neck......

    All sorts of bad stuff will happen. The wood will shrink, the frets will get hot and burn the slots, which will already recede while shrinking, if you have a vintage style truss rod, the arch it sits at will affect the neck and warp it backwards. Your fretboard will also likely no longer be level.
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    Purchases from Rumble Seat Music in Ca.?

    I used to hang out with the owner (Eliot) at and around guitar shows. Great guy and he has worked hard at building a good reputation. Yes, they are pricey, but they typically pay more for the guitars. He has no problem with paying full market value for a desirable guitar. Other dealers sold a...
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    Intro to Shine On You Crazy Diamond - what is this Strat tone called?

    He did a lot of DI and also screwed around with DI recording, then playing that signal back through an amp and layering that amped sound on the track.
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    Questions And Comments Regarding Ebony Shortage

    The materials are still plentiful and not really all that expensive. I think the real issue is the quantities major manufacturers need and what they are willing to pay. Us regular folks can buy all the rosewood and ebony we want for about $10-15 a blank. Who knows what they are paying by buying...
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    Satin Finish Under a Gloss Finish??

    Right. Sheen is not a color. Satin finish is additives in clear that make it dry to a desired sheen. Top coat it in gloss, and you will have gloss. I would try wet sanding the finish you have. Try 600 grit. If it is too glossy looking, step down to 400, too dry looking step up to 800. I no...
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    finish 'sinking?'

    It happens as the solvents in the filler and finish continue to work their way out. It happens to urethane too, if you cut and buff a little too early.
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    Making your own pickguards

    I use all the same tools to make a pickguard I use to make necks and bodies. I don't really pay attention to the router speed on plastic. But I always cut the material close to the final shape, so the bit is just trimming, not cutting, so I don't think it makes much of a difference. The only...
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    What's The Criteria For Rating Maple Tops?

    It is all highly subjective. I find that people that do not have a lot of figured woods pass through their hands tend to overrate, ones that have a high volume pass through tend to underrate. I will only buy sight unseen from the latter. Most of the time these days I want to see the exact piece...
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    How old to be labeled "vintage"?

    In the late 80's-90's, we did not consider 70's guitars to be vintage yet. The "vintage" association seemed to take hold around 2000. Since then things have degraded and it gets used by people in place of "used". I recently saw a 2005 guitar for sale listed as "vintage". But I also see people...
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    Why Should Fretwork Be Done Under Tension?

    When I learned compression fretting 20 years ago, the jig was part of the system. In the years on my own I have more or less backed off from using it on most jobs. Why? Because most necks do not require it. It is only necks that flex significantly under tension that need it. But I am also mainly...
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    Charvel guys..help please?

    Give it a try for sure. They are shorter than usual scale. While some like that, some never really bond with them as they get used to the sound and feel of the "normal" superstrat scale.